From – Beyond Words & Thoughts      

By Joel Goldsmith

Excerpt-Chapter Nine

Supply, An Activity of Consciousness, Not a Reward for Goodness


        In the area of supply, there is lack and abundance only as long as you are dealing in the human realm. There is neither lack nor abundance in the spiritual realm, despite the fact that some persons believe that there is. They believe that the kingdom of God is just overflowing with gold, silver, diamonds, and other priceless things; but I am sure that when you get to heaven you will find that there is not a scrap of anything stored up there at all because all heaven is, is consciousness unfolding, and it unfolds as the need appears.

        Supply does not come because you are good, and lack does not come because you are bad. You can be bad and have supply, and you can be good and have not supply, and vice versa. Lack comes because of the belief that supply is something tangible, and most of us are not only struggling for it, but laying it up where moths and rust corrupt.

        Supply is omnipresent, and it has nothing to do with saintliness or sinfulness. Supply is omnipresent! When you recognize that, the miracle takes place. The sinner, without even thinking of wanting to be a saint, becomes one. Persons have been held in bondage to sin by believing they were going to get everything they desired when they became good, and they have tried to become good. But even with that incentive, they could not and therefore many of them went back to being bad.

        Whether you are a saint or a sinner, you and your Father are one, and all that the Father has is yours. Although you may not experience it while you are a sinner, nevertheless it is true. If you know this truth when you are a sinner, it will make you a saint. Why? Most of the evil in the world comes about because persons are trying to get something they do not have and want, but that striving automatically disappears when they have everything that they possibly can want all the time, without even trying for it.