Impersonalization Illustrated (4/5)

1959 Manchester Closed Class
Tape 278 -2
Impersonalization Illustrated
By Joel Goldsmith
Part 4 of 5

Now, to begin with, if I hadn’t had these thirty years of proof, you wouldn’t be a bit interested in hearing this. In other words, you know – not necessarily that it’s thirty years – but you know that it’s many, many years that I’ve witnessed this and, therefore, you know that I wouldn’t be presenting it unless I knew that this is the principle that works. It works in the healing of disease. It works in the rejuvenation of an individual, in their morals, in their finances, in their characteristics of humanhood. It goes further than that. It works in business affairs, professional affairs. It works in politics. It works in government. It works wherever it is applied seriously, sacredly, secretly, unselfishly.
In other words, it won’t work if you have a selfish motive. It will react upon one’s self. In other words, it won’t work if you are trying to elect a specific candidate to office. It won’t work if you are trying to get a specific job for a certain person. It won’t work if there’s any selfishness, self profit, or anything of a personal nature. Why? This is a universal principle of good and it operates on an impersonal basis. In other words, if you were to apply this in your coming elections you would have to first be sure that you are not determined that this candidate or that candidate will win, or that this party or that party will – even though you may be convinced that one is the right one.
That may be alright as far as convictions are concerned, but when you sit down to do this work, you must forget your convictions. And you have to work from this standpoint – the only government I would like in my country is God government. The only government there should be here is God government, and there is a way to bring God government to my state, my city, my community, my nation. What way is that? Well, the only reason we ever have bad government is the belief in two powers – that carnal mind operating. But are there two powers? No. God constitutes individual being. God is the very nature of man; therefore, man’s nature is Godly and good.
And these qualities of evil, of ambition, of lust, of greed, these qualities of stupidity, ignorance, fear – these are all of carnal mind, but there is no carnal mind, for there’s no mind but the one. And, therefore, these have no channel of operation, no avenue of operation; no law to support them. These constitute the arm of flesh or nothingness. If you are faithful in that work until you come to the very, very point of conviction, you will find that those men and women most nearly representing the divine qualities will be the ones elected. Of course, they won’t be perfect, neither are we. No one on this plane has attained the perfection of their Christhood.
I do not claim to be perfect, Paul tells us, but forgetting those things that are behind . . . Ah, and so it is we are not going to elect angels right away, but by knowing this – that the belief of good and evil, the belief in two powers is not a power, is not operating and has no consciousness in which, on which, or through which to operate – we will find that those men and women, regardless of their party, who most nearly represent the Christ ideal will be those elected. And this is true, whether in your government, or in your church, or in your business, in your corporations. Whatever it may be, wherever there is such a thing as an election, this is the one way to start improving the government – government of business or government of a community, government of a nation, government of banks.
Now you and you alone have the power to bring peace on earth because you are the only people – speaking to The Infinite Way – on the earth at this present time who knows that praying to God to bring peace on earth won’t succeed because you never will change any existing condition on earth, except in proportion as you nullify two powers, nullify the belief in two powers. It operates in the affairs of earth as it does in the healing of disease. The only practitioners who can consistently heal – year in, year out, year in, year out with a goodly measure of healings – is the practitioner who, regardless of how they work, can settle down within themselves and finally come to the realization: God alone is power, and all this, whether you call it infection, contagion, heredity, whatnot, this isn’t power; this is mortal mind, or the arm of flesh, or nothingness. Why? Because there is only one power. When the practitioner can come, in his treatment or her treatment, to that point of realization, the healing takes place.
That is why we have had too little success with most of the mental healing work. All of that is aimed at having the power of mind do something to the power of error. In the last analysis it can’t because error hasn’t any power. It’s just like praying to God to remove war. It can’t, because the powers that make war aren’t powers, and there is no power over another power.
And this is the secret of the mystical religious life. There are not two powers. There is no power of God that can do something to evil. There is no power of truth that can do something to error. There is no power of mind that can do something to matter. There is only one power, and that is the power of mind or God, and that power is just as perfect in manifestation as it is in essence.
If only our Infinite Way students will realize that the entire basis of our work is this secret. Don’t try to use God. Don’t try to use truth. Don’t try to overcome evil, sin, disease, death, lack, limitation. You won’t succeed any more than the religions of the world have succeeded. You can’t do it. That is why the psychiatrists who are trying to find what the error is – they can’t succeed, never will, they never have. Had a meeting only . . . you see, only two countries are . . . there are factions in two countries interested in outlawing the practice of psychiatry, and there was a meeting held last month in which psychiatrists agreed to let themselves be questioned by members of the medical profession, men who definitely were interested in stopping the practice of psychiatry. And the first question asked each of the psychiatrists was: “Is there a principle through which you heal or expect healings? Do you know of any healing principle in psychiatry?” And each one answered “No.”
“Well, is there a specific something on which you work, through which you hope to have these healings?”
“Have you ever had a healing in your practice?”
“Have you ever known another psychiatrist who had a healing in his practice?”
Now that’s the answer. That’s published in the newspapers. No secret about it. Why? They’re still trying to find the power of error and do something to it. It can’t be done. If error were a power it would be an eternal power, and you couldn’t do anything about it. It either is an eternal power or it’s none. It either has a law of God, or it has none. If it has a law of God, why are you going to fight it? You are going to lose.
You know that was said in scripture, too. If these men be of God let’s not fight them. Now if evil is of God, if it has a power, why fight it? You won’t win. But if it isn’t a power; you don’t have to fight it; you have to know its non-power. Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.
And then Jesus looks at a crippled man and says: “What did hinder you? Pick up thy bed and walk.” Isn’t that a strange thing to say to a cripple? What did hinder you? He could have answered: “My paralysis.”
Just think of the Master saying to Lazarus: “Come forth.” In other words, death isn’t a power. “Young maid, I say unto thee: Arise.” Death isn’t a power. He didn’t turn to God and say, “I’ll bring the power of God down to heal you or to raise you.” In fact, at the tomb of Lazarus he even said: “I don’t even have to pray, but for the sake of those around here who still believe in prayer.” But all he said was: “Lazarus, come forth. Blind man, open your eyes.” Not a word about, “I’ll have God open your eyes.”

End Part 4

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