Impersonalization Illustrated (3/5)

Now be very sure that you treat this as the pearl of great price. Be sure that if anyone comes to you for this that virtually they’re selling all that they have in order to buy it. In other words that really and truly they’re coming to you in humility; they’re coming to you in earnestness; they’re coming to you really and truly seeking – not curiosity seeking.

1959 Manchester Closed Class
Tape 278 -2
By Joel Goldsmith
Part 3 of 5 Impersonalization Illustrated

Now, back again to your home. Every individual in that home is constituted of God and has a Godly nature regardless of any appearance to the contrary. And the appearance, which is what we’re dealing with, the particular form of evil – this is an activity or substance of carnal mind, absolutely not a part of individual being. But, there is no carnal mind, because there cannot be one infinite mind and another mind. Therefore, we only use the word carnal mind, the term carnal mind to designate the belief in two powers. That’s the only reason we use it. We could say: “Oh, all of this evil is a belief in two powers.” It just makes it a little easier to boil it down to carnal mind or mortal mind.
But here is the important point – whereas Paul says the carnal mind is enmity against God, whereas some religions teach you must protect yourself from mortal mind, the truth is carnal mind isn’t enmity against divine mind or God because there is no carnal mind. There is only a belief in two powers, and a belief can’t be a power – unless somebody accepts the belief, and that’s what gives it its power.
In the same way, there is no such thing as mortal mind. Mrs. Eddy, herself, saw that, you know, when she said: “Mortal mind is a term denoting nothingness.” Had we been able, consistently, to adhere to that statement, we wouldn’t be busy protecting ourselves from mortal mind, or from other influences because we would know: How can a term denoting nothingness have action, power, or law?
Now this is the foundation of our healing work, and it is the very thing that has kept my work going thirty years and this particular work in its fourteenth year. This very principle that we must not judge, criticize, condemn anyone, any group, any nation, any religion – that doesn’t mean that we’re blind to their faults. It means that we must not see them as a power. Do you see the difference?
I’m not blind to the fault of a political candidate who doesn’t mean well by his nation or state. I’m not blind to it, and I certainly won’t vote for him, but I do know that the quality of dishonesty, disloyalty, treason, whatever you call it, isn’t power because it’s not of man. It isn’t the man that’s that way. He has accepted carnal mind, and now we’ll help him be rid of it by knowing the truth that carnal mind isn’t a mind. It is a belief in two powers and we don’t have that belief, and one with God is a majority.
Now, when you practice these three principles in your home and you begin to see some changes, then you broaden your horizon. Then, when you go out into your shops to market, to shop, when you go into your business office, or factory, when you’re driving on the road, or in a bus, then you begin to practice these three principles on a wider scale.
The moment you leave your home, you are faced with, oh, so many pictures of the carnal mind. Drunkenness here, obscenity here, vice here, mean disposition here, poverty here, deformity here. You can’t pass by on the other side of the road. You can’t do that. You have to be the one that goes and ministers; only you don’t have to leave your seat, or leave your task, or whatever it is you’re doing. All you have to do is get busy.
God constitutes all being; therefore, the nature of man is Godly. Even the body is the temple of the living God. Body, Mind, Soul, Spirit – these are the temple of the living God. And this that I’m seeing or hearing, this is carnal mind, mortal mind, the arm of flesh, nothingness. It’s a belief in two powers. Thank God, I know enough to know that there is only one power, one mind, one life, one law and that law is spiritual law.
Watch the difference in the way you are treated by those around you, and you haven’t treated anybody, remember. You haven’t known their name or their fault. You haven’t directed a treatment at them. All of this was a truth taking place within you about the appearance. You don’t care who the appearance is or what the appearance is. It’s an appearance, and you are knowing the truth about it, and the truth is it’s carnal mind, which isn’t mind. It’s a belief in two powers, and this is the arm of flesh, or nothingness, and I can rest in that word.
It will not take you long to discover that you’re having different experiences in public than you ever had before. But at this point I must caution you about something – both in your home and out. Be sure all of this is taking place in secret. Never voice this to anyone. The Master tells us in the Sermon on the Mount when you pray, pray in secret. If you don’t, you may get some benefit from men, but you lose the benefit that comes from God, or the Spirit. Your praying must be done in secret. No one must know that you are knowing the truth.
Oh yes, the day comes when someone in your family says: “You have changed,” or “You know something,” and then, if you find they’re really serious in wanting to know, then you can begin to impart, but you have to be very, very sure that they really want to know, not that they’re going to let you unburden yourself and then they’re going to ridicule it, and probably deprive you.
Now be very sure that you treat this as the pearl of great price. Be sure that if anyone comes to you for this that virtually they’re selling all that they have in order to buy it. In other words that really and truly they’re coming to you in humility; they’re coming to you in earnestness; they’re coming to you really and truly seeking – not curiosity seeking.
You see, until a person is well grounded in these principles, it doesn’t take much for them to lose the knowledge of them and the benefit of them because the very moment that people start to mock or scorn or deride, it begins to undermine your own faith, and unless you have really and truly witnessed it time and again, beheld its action, you can be made to waver. Many people have – like Lot’s wife looking back. We sometimes look back if we aren’t very, very sure that I know this principle so thoroughly, I’ve seen it work so often that if you want to crucify me, you still can’t make me change my mind. But since I don’t want to be crucified, I don’t tell this principle outside of my classes.
And you see, I try to be sure that no one gets into the classes except those who are serious, and who have proven it by their study. That is why I do not open the classes to the public. That is why I try to have those who are conducting the work find out before they admit a person to the class – are they serious? Are they really reading the books? Are they really trying to put them into practice? Are they availing themselves of the tapes? Is this something serious in their life? Then I’m only too happy to share it, and I’ll travel anywhere in the world to do it – big city, small town. Some of you know I came here when we only had thirty people in a lecture audience. But, before I give this principle I want to be sure that those who are receiving it are actually hearing it with their ears, and wanting to put it into practice and make it available in their own experience.

End Part 3

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