1959 Manchester Closed Class
Tape 278 -2
Impersonalization Illustrated
By Joel Goldsmith
Part 2 of 5

And so we come to these three principles of The Infinite Way with which we have been working this week, the first of which is your remembrance that God constitutes individual being. It makes no difference whether, at the moment, we are looking at a person in sin or disease or nearing death, the truth of being is that – and we are disregarding appearances now and judging righteous judgment – God constitutes individual being. And if we have four, five, or six members of our family, then God constitutes the being of every individual in our household. God is the quality. God is the quantity. God is the essence. God is the law unto every individual in this household. God constitutes their being. Therefore, their nature is pure. Their nature is Godly. Their nature is good.
Now, with that, we can turn to this which is the most important step of all, and the most important principle, that of impersonalization. Whether a member of the family is inflicted with sickness or sin, false appetite, unemployment, lack, bad disposition, hate, envy, jealousy, malice – this is the step, and it is difficult. You must impersonalize. You must be able to look at that individual realizing that their nature is Godly and that this sin, disease, whatever it may be, is not of that person, but is of, has its source in the carnal mind. This, of which they are the victim, this which is manifesting itself in them, on them, through them, this actually is an activity or substance of the carnal mind or mortal mind or devil.
Now, notice how that violates what you have been thinking of them or perhaps through your metaphysical background, how you’ve been looking into their consciousness to find the error so that you could remove it; or how you were blaming their religious beliefs, or lack of religious beliefs; or how in some way or other, you were seeking to eradicate the error from them.
Now you can’t do that because the error never was a part of their being. God has constituted their being from everlasting to everlasting. For this reason, you must never use the name of a person in treatment, nor must you ever name the disease in treatment or the claim because then you are personalizing it; you are fastening it right to the individual you would see freed.
This then – this trait of character, this quality of character, this evil nature, this false appetite, this diseased condition – this is an activity, a substance of carnal mind. When you have impersonalized it thus, to the extent that you really have released the individual and can see that this is something not of them but something that exists only in the carnal mind, now you take the final step, or third point.
There is only one mind, and therefore, there is no carnal mind, or mortal mind. That which you have termed carnal mind or mortal mind is not a mind at all; it is a belief in two powers. Once there is no belief in two powers, there is no carnal mind. In other words, if we could wholly remove from ourselves, in this room, the belief in two powers there would be no human beings left in this room. There would only be children of God, or Adam in the Garden of Eden – Adam, before they ate the fruit.
All there is to humanhood is a belief in two powers. Without the belief in two powers you have no human race any more. You have only immortal beings. Of course, you’ll go up to the mirror and say: “I look the same.”
Yes, you probably would for a little while, but very quickly your appearance would change, because there would be no anxiety in your face, at all. There couldn’t be, because if there is only one power, you have nothing to be anxious about. If there is no power in birthdays, you don’t even have to fear that eightieth or ninetieth birthday. If there are not two powers, you don’t have to fear infection, contagion or, as some of our metaphysicians insist on doing, fearing other religions and people of other religions, as if they had some weird and terrible power.
I know one man, a metaphysical teacher, who is very certain that Catholics, Jews, Orientals, and nationals of all countries except the United States and Canada, I mean the United States and England, are the very devil. Oh, we Anglo-Saxons are God’s perfect children, and all the rest you must protect yourself from. It’s utter nonsense because there’s only one power, only one, and not only that, there is really only one being, only one, infinitely manifested, but it is the one being.
I hope you won’t be surprised in the not too distant future when you see one flag at the top of every flag pole in the civilized world – only one. And that will be the flag which will be the flag of all peoples. Under that flag there will be the Stars and Stripes of the United States, and the Union Jack over here, and the tricolor in France, but that will only be the secondary flag, which denotes our separateness as an individual form of government under the one government, and then under that flag will be another. In the States it will be the state flag of each state, and over here it will be the dominion flag of each particular dominion, and so on throughout the world.
Now, in the States we have now fifty flags, fifty state flags, and we all fly them, but in looking at them, no one looks on them as if this is my state because actually it isn’t. You live in one state this year, you may be living in another one next year, and you’d have a different state flag, and you don’t change your allegiance when you change states. You just have that state flag up as a symbol.
So the day will be when we will live in the States, or we will live in England or Australia or Africa, wherever we like – wherever it seems best for our interests at the moment – and we will not have to forswear any loyalties because these flags will only represent the symbol, the sign of our particular state, but the government will rest with that government on top, representing that one flag. It may be United Nations or a body similar to them, but it will be a United States of the world. It has to be, eventually, otherwise there will be no world at all. So, we will break down these barriers of my nation or my church, or a right church or a wrong church, and eventually we will find even within all of these churches a universal principle that will be taught.

End Part 2