Toward the experience (3/6)

Infinite Way Letter
1965 – January 
Aka – Beyond Words & Thoughts

By Joel Goldsmith

Part 3 of 6

Toward the Experience

That Something

     “In all thy ways acknowledge him.” Acknowledge Spirit in all your ways; acknowledge that Spirit is the source of all. Then you will discover that it will not be very long until that acknowledgment dissolves your sins, false appetites, fears, doubts, greeds, lusts, and mad ambitions. The moment you try to dissolve these, you are in psychology, and psychology cannot succeed because it cannot make you other than you are.

        Whatever your nature is, that is what you are going to remain until Something enters your consciousness that brings about a change. It has to be something within yourself that transcends your little self and performs the healing, but that something will not happen while you are saying, “Oh, dear God, please save this person.” Nothing of that nature will do it.

        Whatever fruitage comes does not come because of all the statements that are in the books. If statements healed, then everyone who read those statements could go out and heal. The fruitage comes because the principles in those books, if they are studied and practiced and followed, will lead to the God-experience, and then when the Experience comes, it is this Experience that does the work.


Let The Mind Rest 

        You cannot reach God through your mind. It has been tried in every religious, philosophical, and metaphysical teaching in the world. Once you begin to perceive that truth, you will be halfway home. You must bring your mind to a place of stillness where the mind is transcended and your Soul-faculty receives the Experience. Everyone in the world has a Soul-faculty because God incorporated in us the nature of His own being, and therefore we have that within us which enables us to know God aright.

        The people whose experiences are recounted in the Bible did not know the difference between Soul and mind; they did not know the difference between Spirit and the intellect, except for a few. One of those few was Paul, who said, “For the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life.”

        The mystic who wrote The Cloud of Unknowing knew that you must have discernment, not knowledge. He knew that no one can ever reach God through knowledge. God can be attained only when that altitude of consciousness which this mystic described as “unknowing” is reached, and that “unknowing” does not mean ignorance. It means a state of consciousness where the mind is at rest and the Soul-faculty can receive the things of God.

        “The natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God.” The “natural man” who is carnally minded “is not subject to the law of God,” and the “natural man” functions through his mind. Only through his mind! How else can the “natural man” function? Even the things he does with his body are done because he is functioning through his mind. He cannot live without his mind; he cannot move his body without his mind; he cannot love without his mind. Nothing can a man do in this world without his mind, but with his mind he cannot reach God!

        If you have caught some glimpse of the nature of God, you will know enough to stop trying to reach God and you will relax and let God reach you. “The Son of  man cometh at an hour when ye think not.” In the moment that you are not thinking, that you are at rest—not when your mind is dead, not when it is unconscious, but when you are not thinking and you are receptive and responsive—your Soul-faculty unites with God. That is the union which has been called the marriage with God. It is that moment when you are so still that the Soul of you, which is the individualization of God, comes into awakening—not that It awakens. No, no, no! It does not awaken. You awaken to It. The Spirit of God in you is in full bloom all the time. It appears to awaken, but it is you who are awakening to It—but not through the mind!

End Part 3



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