Toward the experience (2/6)

Infinite Way Letter
1965 – January
Aka – Beyond Words & Thoughts

By Joel Goldsmith

Part 2 of 6

Toward the Experience



        You might rightly ask, “then what is the good of all this teaching? What is the good of all the years of study of these books?” And I will say to you that the Experience will not come without that. The study, the practice, the living, and the reading are the steps that break down the mortal sense into which we were born, that enable us to “die” to mortal sense and to be “reborn.”

        Probably without the reading that I had been doing in the Bible and the Christian Science writings, and without all those years from 1909 until 1928 in which I was breaking my heart and head trying to find God, the Experience might not have come to me. In other words, every effort that I made from 1909 on to break through the darkness and to discover the secret was a helpful step leading me ultimately to the Experience.

        That is why I have said in the Writings that it makes no difference what your background of study is if your primary object is to seek and discover truth. It would not make any difference if you were studying with the Hottentots or were with some other paganistic teaching as long as the motive behind your study was to seek the Experience, to seek the realization and the understanding of God. Ultimately, you would arrive, because different persons have been led to that point from many different directions—through paganistic teachings, through Christian teachings, or through non-Christian teachings—and they have attained, irrespective of their particular approach.

        In the message of The Infinite Way, certain things have been revealed to me since my first experience that makes it easier for anyone else with the right desire to attain it. Scripture says, “And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God.” On that statement you can rest because that is the truth. If you can come to know God, you will attain the Experience: the God-experience, the Christ-experience, the spiritual experience.

        The first principle of The Infinite Way, therefore, is to know the nature of God, and that must be followed by an understanding of the nature of God, and that must be followed by an understanding of the nature of error and the nature of prayer. If you study every Infinite Way class that has ever been given, you will discover that not in any one of them have I ever omitted teaching the nature of God, the nature of error, and the nature of prayer because with this for a foundation, the Experience is not difficult to attain.


 False Concepts of God

     To begin with, the world believes, and most religions teach, that God is a great power and if only a person can get in touch with that God, It will overcome his sins, diseases, lacks, limitations, and all his troubles. As long as you believe that, you are so far removed from ever attaining the Experiences that you are hopelessly lost. The only possibility you would have of surmounting this obstacle is that your own basic search for God would in the end enable you to attain the Experience, not because of the teaching you are following, but in spite of it. The more you seek to reach such a God, the further away God is. There is no God that overcomes the errors of the world. If there were, in all these thousands of years He would have been discovered, and the woes of the world would be at an end.

        So you must begin with the realization that you are not going to God for a God-power; you are going to God to commune with Him, to tabernacle with Him, to experience, to feel, to speak to God, and to hear Him, but not for a power to do things for you. Any thought of power that enters your consciousness separates you from God.

        All religions teach that God rewards and that God punishes, and as long as you are under that belief you cannot find harmony because you will be seeking to be good so that God will reward you and striving to give up all your errors so that God will not punish you. All such efforts only attest to the depth of your darkness. God has no interest in your goodness and will not reward it, and God has no interest in your sins and will not punish them.

        Is there any reward for goodness? Is there any punishment for sin? Of course there is! But it is you who set in motion the rewards and the punishments—not, however, in the way that has been taught. What sets in motion the rewards and the punishments is the kind of sowing you do. If you sow to the Spirit, you set in motion your freedom and your release from “this world”; but if you sow to the flesh, you sow to corruption. Sowing to the Spirit means acknowledging Spirit as the source and cause of all that is, acknowledging Spirit as the activity of divine Grace, acknowledging Spirit as the presence, substance, power, law, and activity of Being.

End Part 2







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