Toward the Experience (1/6)

Infinite Way Letter
1965 – January
Aka – Beyond Words & Thoughts
Editor’s Note: The material in Beyond Words and Thoughts has been taken from
tape-recorded lectures and classes give in 1963. It first appeared in print in monthly letters.

By Joel Goldsmith
Part 1 of 6

Toward the Experience

The heart and soul of the mystical life is an inner experience, and no matter what mode or method is used, that experience is possible if the basic motive is to discover the truth. As long as you are just seeking to demonstrate health, supply, or companionship, however, there is no hope of attaining the God-experience. In spite of how successful you may be in human achievement, you will never attain spiritual awareness. That comes only when you have “died” to caring about the outer scene and are willing to take life as it is and work from within toward the goal of God-realization.
The Infinite Way came into being when I realized that there is no God in the human world. If there were a God in the human world, rape, arson, murder, wars, dens of iniquity, drug addiction, and all the other afflictions of mankind would be impossible. Not one of these evidences of man’s inhumanity to man could occur in the presence of God. Everything that is taking place in this world of ours is taking place only because there is no God in the human scene.
This was the original unfoldment that was given to me some time after 1909, and this is what started me on the search. I have never doubted that there is a God, but now at least I know that there is no God in “this world,” and I know now, too, that all the going to church and all the praying are not going to bring one here. People have been going to church to pray since before the days of the ancient Hebrews and have done so continuously ever since. They have prayed every kind of prayer that has ever been known, and still the world keeps right on falling apart.
Thus the search began: Where is God? What is God? How do we bring God into our experience? Eventually, late in 1928, the Experience took place, that first God-experience. This Experience brought with it no message, no words, no rules, nor were any principles given: there was just an experience that could not be described. Whereas in one moment I was like every other human being, in the next moment my body was well, and many undesirable human habits were gone. I found that a healing power was present and that I was on the threshold of a whole new life. The old life was dead; a new one had begun, but without a teaching, without any principles, without any laws—all this just because of an experience.
When you examine the lives of the mystics, you will find that that is what happened to them. Not one of them ever studied to become a mystic; each one had an experience, and that experience changed his life. As a matter of fact, in every case the mystic was able to give that experience to those who became his disciples and followers, and some of those in turn were able to give the experience to their disciples and followers. But with each generation, it became a less vital experience until finally it vanished almost completely.
The Importance of the Experience

The essence of living and healing through The Infinite Way is this experience. Those who have done healing work through the light given them in this message know that there is nothing in the teaching that heals. No matter what there is in The Infinite Way writings that you know and repeat, it will not heal you or anybody else of anything. You are not going to be able to heal until you have an experience, and with every healing there must be an experience until the time comes when you are so living in it that it may be necessary to renew it only once, twice, or three times a day, and then throughout the day all the other healings take place because you are living in that experience.
At first you may have to remind yourself: “I am not going to God to get any God-power. I am certainly not going to God to try to heal ‘man, whose breath is in his nostrils.’ I am here only to realize the Christ, to feel the presence of the Christ. ‘Speak, Lord; for thy servant heareth.'”
You maintain a listening attitude until you feel some measure of release within, sometimes even receive a message, and then your part of the work is done. In some unknown way, the discords evaporate, harmony appears, and it would seem as if a bad person were changed into a good one, a sick person became will, or a poor person became more affluent.
But that is not it at all! What has really happened is that more of the spiritual nature of God has come into manifestation. Sometimes the healing is instantaneous; sometimes it takes place after the second or third realization; and sometimes you may have to work with a person for a year or two or three. That has to do with his receptivity, his ability to yield, and also with the heights that you attain.

End Part 1

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