Lifting Up the I(6/7)

Infinite Way Letter
1964 – November
Aka – Realization of Oneness
By Joel Goldsmith
Part 6 of 7

Lifting Up the I
Do’s and Don’ts In Healing Work

In The Infinite Way, we never give a treatment to a person. We give the treatment to ourselves. We are the one under treatment because we are the one to whom the appearance has been brought, and it must be met in our own consciousness. We never touch the mind of our patient or student: we never enter his mental home. We have no business there! Every person is a sacred being, sacred unto God, and we do not intrude into his mind or thought. If we do, we are practicing hypnotism or suggestion, and we are meddling in somebody else’s mind. That is no part of The Infinite Way. In fact, we never mention a patient’s name in our treatment; we never mention the name of his disease, sin, or fear, nor do we ever reach out to send a thought to him. Never! To do so is a serious offense in a spiritual teaching!
What we do when the appearance is brought to us is to go immediately to the I of our being, and abide there until we come to the conclusion that “I and my Father are one,” and that this is a universal truth. We wrestle with this truth within ourselves until we come to the point of conviction that there is only Spirit. This teaching does not permit anyone ever, under any circumstance, to enter the mind or thought of a patient or to address him by name and say, “You are well,” or “You are spiritual.” None of that is acceptable practice in The Infinite Way.
When in The Infinite Way a person says, “I have a headache,” I immediately forget him and deal with myself. The appearance of a headache has been presented to me. What am I going to do with it? And so I realize, “Ah, Joel, you are not going to accept that for one single moment. You know better! You know that ‘I and my Father are one,’ and that you have nothing to do with healing any person out there! You know, Joel, that all that God is, you are. You know that there is only spiritual law, spiritual being. You know that there are not good people and bad people; you know that there are not sick people and well people. You are dealing with God and His perfect spiritual creation, and all other appearances are but the product of a universal hypnotism, a universal malpractice, a universal belief in two powers.”
If I keep that up within myself, eventually it comes, “Ah, yes, that is truth.” Then I am quiet, and in a few moments a deep sense of peace comes, a “click,” a deep breath, something or other, and I know that God is on the scene, and that is all there is to it. As you can see, I have had nothing to do with the patient.
The person may call, write, or cable me an hour later or the next day, and I may have to go through this same process again. If he does not respond quickly, I may have to stay with him for months and months, but the procedure is always the same. Never do I work through suggestion; never do I work through hypnotism, never will I enter the consciousness of any person.
My object is not merely to change a person’s sickness into health. My object is to lift him in consciousness, not by doing something to him, but by raising up the I in me, and then, if I be lifted up, he is drawn to that level of consciousness, but without my having to do anything humanly about it, or about him as a person.
That is why it is necessary, first, to establish ourselves in the absolute conviction that there is a “My kingdom,” a spiritual kingdom, and that nothing “that defileth … or maketh a lie” can ever enter that spiritual kingdom of God and His spiritual universe and spiritual man.
End Part 6

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