Lifting up the I(5/7)

Infinite Way Letter
1964 – November
Aka – Realization of Oneness
By Joel Goldsmith
Part 5 of 7

Lifting up the I

We Cannot Get Rid of An Appearance

In Infinite Way healing work, we are not turning to God to heal anybody. We do not have the kind of God who would let anyone be sick if it were within His knowledge, and if we recognize God to be Omniscience and Omnipotence we surely could not find anyone outside of God’s knowledge. It is entirely a matter of the individual called a practitioner being able to rise to that state of consciousness which refuses to accept the appearance, knowing its hypnotic and illusory source, and the nothingness of it because it is not supported by a law of God.
No sin and no disease are supported by a law of God. If they were, they would be eternal. We can never hope to change anything that is supported by God. If it has a law of God to maintain it, we cannot hope to break it, and the very fact that we do break through our sins, our diseases, and our lacks is sufficient proof that there never was any law of God supporting them. A law of matter, yes; a law of mind, yes; but these are not laws of God, and for this very reason, any form of evil can be dispelled.
We need never be afraid to try to heal, regardless of the name or nature of the claim, because, to begin with, we have the awareness that there is no law of God supporting or maintaining any erroneous condition; and we know that no law of God created it. God never made it.
Humanly it is true that we are sick and we die; but let us this moment free ourselves from the superstition that God has anything to do with any of this, and let us put the blame on our own shoulders. It is our ignorance, yours and mine, nobody else’s; but if it is your ignorance and mine, it is only our ignorance because we are a part of the universal ignorance which has been handed down to us.
Anyone can undertake healing work at any time if he will realize the basic principle that he is not trying to remove a disease, a condition, a sin, or a false appetite. The moment anyone tries to do that, he is trapped, and there will be no healing.
We are not dealing with a sin, with a disease, with a false appetite, or with a lack. We are dealing with an illusory appearance that must be recognized as having no God-law, God-ordination, God-presence, or God-power. We are not dealing with a condition, but with a universal belief in a selfhood apart from God. Any condition or situation is always a universal belief, always a universal claim. It is never the fault of our patient; it is never the fault of our student; it is never the fault of ourselves; it is a universal claim of two powers, a universal claim of a selfhood apart from God, a universal belief in good and evil. But the truth is I:
I and the Father are one. All that is true is true of the Father is true of me because of oneness. God is Spirit, and I am spiritual. God is immortal and eternal, and I am immortal and eternal.
This is not only the truth about us: it is the truth about the patient, the student, or anyone who has called upon us for help.
We are dealing with an appearance, an appearance produced by a universal malpractice, a universal ignorance, a universal hypnotism, but only an appearance. We are not to attempt to get rid of the appearance. We can no more get rid of an appearance than we can get rid of the mirage on the desert. We can only see through it and understand it to be a mirage, and then go on about our business. Usually in the moment of our recognizing it as mirage, the picture dissolves. So it is, too, in healing. In our realization of the illusory nature of the appearance, the appearance dissolves, and then the patient says, “I am better,” or “I am healed.”
End Part 5

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