Lifting up the I(4/7)

Infinite Way Letter
1964 – November
Aka – Realization of Oneness
By Joel Goldsmith
Part 4 of 7

Lifting Up the I

Judge Righteous Judgment

Those who are not familiar with the optical illusions engendered by atmospheric conditions on the desert will probably accept the appearance of a big beautiful lake with a wonderful city built around it which looms up before them, and will start driving their car toward that beautiful lake, even looking for a hotel where they can spend the night. However, those who understand the phenomenon of a mirage do not for a moment accept the appearance of a lake or a city at face value: they instantly recognize that this is mirage.
In “this world,” where an ignorance of truth predominates, we are constantly being faced with sin, disease, death, lack, and limitation, with evil of every kind. We accept the world of appearances and pay the penalty for the acceptance. If, on the other hand, we have been spiritually taught, we will instantly recognize that these suggestions that come to us are appearances like the mirage on the desert. The Master taught, “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.” So I say to you, “Having eyes, do you not see through this appearance? Having ears, do you not hear beyond this appearance? Do not accept appearances of good and evil at face value. Accept them only as mirage, illusion, a form of malpractice, or hypnotism, and above all things, do not accept them as something that has to be healed, reformed, changed, or corrected.”
Every day we meet up with material laws, mental laws, and legal laws. Every day we meet up with appearances of sin, false appetite, disease, evil men in government, and spiritual wickedness in high places. There is not a day in which these suggestions do not cross our path. We cannot avoid them, not by going away to convent, a monastery, or an ashram because wherever we are we take the world right with us. Wherever we go, the newspapers will shout, and the radios will blare.
As a matter of fact, the higher we go in spiritual realization, the more of evil and discordant appearances will be brought to our doorstep, because sick persons, sinning persons, and poor persons gravitate to those of spiritual light to pour out their burdens. And this is right; it is right! The Christ of us says, “Drop your burden at My feet. My yoke is light. Just pour them all out. They are of no weight to Me.”
We really do not have to get rid of any of the sins, diseases, lacks or limitations of the persons who come to us. We merely have to refuse to accept the appearances and realize that whatever is presented to us is a state of hypnotism producing an illusion, a mirage.
We must stand fast in spite of every appearance, in spite of every cry of pain, in spite of everything: I within you and I within me must stand fast and not accept it. Because the I within us has been lifted up, we see through the mirage to Reality. In God’s kingdom, there is not a sin, disease, death, lack or limitation. In the whole of God’s kingdom, there is not an evil of any nature. We have to stand fast in that truth, and let the appearances hit up against us until they break.
Some of them break rapidly, some of them will not break so rapidly, and a few refuse to break at all. Why? One reason may be that as practitioners we are not rising quite as high into heavenly consciousness as we should be. I will admit that if our practitioners could be a little more separate and apart from the ways of the world they could do better works, but because we all have to live in this world and with it, it may be that we do not rise high enough in spiritual consciousness to do all the works that we should do.
The other reason is that the patients will not yield. They usually have in mind the changing of an evil condition into a good one, and this acts as a block. Spiritual healing is not changing an evil condition into a good one: healing is really the changing of consciousness, and very often there is a reluctance or unwillingness to yield up whatever it is that is acting as a block.
This is never done consciously. We never blame anyone for whatever it is that he is holding onto because he cannot help it, any more than we can help whatever it is that we hold onto. It is something deep down in our consciousness, and the answer lies in keeping on until there is a yielding.
End Part 4

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