Infinite Way Letter
1964 – November
Aka – Realization of Oneness
By Joel Goldsmith
Part 3 of 7

Lifting Up the I

Concessions Imposed Because of Living In “This World”
We are constantly faced with good persons and bad person, but we cannot accept either good persons or bad person, sick persons or well persons” we must accept only the children of God, spiritual identity.
It is true that in our daily affairs and in our speech we make concessions to appearances. For example, every time anyone asks a practitioner for help, and he responds with “I will give you help,” that is a concession to appearances, but it is something that must be done. No can be completely absolute in such a situation and say, “No, I will not give you any help because you are already perfect.”
The patient’s response would very likely be, “Well, if you won’t give me any help, then I will find somebody who will.”
So, an Infinite Way practitioner makes the concessions and says, “Of course, I will give you help at once.” But within himself, he cannot believe that. The I of him has to be knowing inwardly, “No, the I which is God is my Self, and the I which is God is your Self. There is only one Being.” By the time the practitioner has attained this realization, the patient will probably be beginning to feel better. Nevertheless a concession to the call for help has been made, and in a measure we do that in all our affairs.
Politically, we will speak of one candidate as a good candidate, and another as a bad one. This in only a part of the human drama. Inwardly, we realize that for voting purposes we are judging those candidates from a personal standpoint in terms of our own frame of reference. Actually, we know better: we know that I am he. Even though he does not know it, we know! If we are not knowing that the I of me is the I of you, and the I of you and of me is the I of God, for we are one, we are sowing to the flesh.
So it is that in normal, everyday conversation, especially with those who are not on this Path, in speaking of the weather, the climate, germs, and all other so-called material powers, we are not going to argue with anyone and try to show how bright we are, or how stupid. “Agree with thine adversary.” Do not start an argument with anyone who is talking about what bad weather, bad crops, or bad times we are having. It is not so important what we do in the way of lip service: what counts is what we are doing within.
Seeing Through Universal Beliefs in the Area of Relationships
In no area is this better illustrated than with parents and their children. There are many occasions when parents have to discipline their children, and times when they may appear quite angry with them; but they must be sure that they are doing this only outwardly, not inwardly. In their hearts, they cannot accept this. Their outward show of displeasure is only for the purpose of correcting the young, immature thought that could not possibly grasp this idea of perfection in one explanation and, because of the universal belief, could not live up to it.
For the most part, children are not children at all: they are just ages. There are one year olds, two year olds, six year olds, and twelve year olds. Those falling into a particular age bracket act alike, and they are very much alike in their responses. It is only through the spiritual work and training of their parents that eventually they become individuals but left to themselves, they all pattern their conduct according to the accepted standard of their peers at the different ages through which they pass. But this can be changed as parents understand that what they are being faced with as ugly behavior on the part of their child is merely a belief, universal to that age group.
In the same way, we can bring out a different relationship with our neighbor and with the persons that we deal with in business, not so much by acting differently outwardly as by an inward realization of the truth of their identity. They are neither good nor bad; they are neither sick nor well; they are neither rich nor poor: they are spiritual. Spirit has no shifting, changing qualities, and Its only quantity is infinity. To sow to the Spirit we must be continuously entertaining a spiritual awareness, having uppermost in our consciousness a spiritual understanding of the nature of God, man, and the universe. We must inwardly know that the only law is spiritual law, and in the knowing of this, mental and material laws are nullified.
Once we have raised up the I in ourselves, so that this I that does not accept appearances is governing our experience, we will less and less accept powers of good and evil, or material and mental powers, but will recognize only spiritual power. This I that we have raised up within us that will not permit a negative thought to get past It, this I now governs our life and the lives of those who turn to us.
This I we have had with us from the beginning. We brought It into this world with us, but because of the world’s ignorance of truth, we also came into the world ignorant of truth. Because of that ignorance, what handled us, therefore, what has governed our lives, and what now governs the lives of all human beings is a form of hypnotism or malpractice—whatever it is that makes us think good and evil, hear good and evil, see good and evil, and act from the standpoint of good and evil. In short, it is whatever makes us accept appearances at face value.
End Part 3