Aka – Realization of Oneness
By Joel Goldsmith
Part 3 of 5

Weather As An Activity of Mind
Miracles will appear in your life when you practice these principles of spiritual living and when you can rise above living in this truth merely for your own sake or your family’s, and begin to apply them to whatever touches your immediate world or the world at large—from government even to the weather.
Yes, even weather responds to a realization of spiritual principles. If that seems strange to you, think for a moment: Is weather something that is external to you? Is weather something that just happens? No, weather is an activity of mind, and because there is only one mind, weather is perfect. The only reason that we experience imperfect weather is because there is a belief in two powers which makes for good weather and bad weather.
I do not mean by this that you should get the idea that all days should be filled with sunshine, and that that would be an evidence of spiritual fruitage. What I mean is that no weather need be what we call bad, destructive, or of a nature that takes life or produces injuries. This must be demonstrated by students where situations involving destructive weather arise before we arrive at the pint of proving it on a broader scale. Some of us have done that and have proved that destructive and injurious forms of weather can be dissolved through the understanding that weather exists as an activity of mind. If you do not believe this, try to think of weather without a mind to know that there is such a thing as weather.
There cannot be an activity outside mind. Which mind? You have no choice. There is only one mind, the instrument of that Consciousness which is the source of all action, all law, and all cause. When you behold anything unlike the activity of a spiritual law or life, it is only because of the acceptance of this belief in two powers, two laws, two minds.
Nothing happens outside the activity of mind—not a thing. If it did, there would be nobody aware of it. If it is the activity of the mind of God, you cannot change it, you cannot alter it, you cannot improve it, and it should be quite futile to attempt to do so. Do not try to interfere with the movement of the stars, the sun, the moon, or the tides. These are activities of the divine Consciousness, the infinite, immortal Eternal, That which was before there was a human being to know it. But on the other hand, anything that exists as an activity of the carnal mind can be nullified in proportion to the degree of your awareness of these principles.
Watch this as it is related to weather. Watch it with tidal waves or with storms, and see how quickly they are dissipated when someone knows and understands that they are not conditions of matter; they are activities of the mesmeric mind. Watch how very often they stop instantaneously because they cannot last long in the face of that realization.
If you are threatened with a tidal wave or a hurricane and wish to avoid the experience, know this truth:
This threatening storm is not a thing—not a thing at all. It is an activity of the carnal mind, and the carnal mind has no law, being, substance, or cause. Therefore, this storm is nothing but an image in thought, and an image in thought has no power.
Some years ago a citizen of a community asked for spiritual help for his city. It had rained steadily for eighteen months in that area, and many of the businessmen in that community were either bankrupt or in the verge of bankruptcy. After the help was given, there was no more rain, although the weather bureau reported that the rain would resume at any moment because the atmospheric conditions that had caused the uninterrupted rainfall were still present. But it did not rain! Then three days later the condition that was supposed to have caused the rain disappeared—but only three days after the rain had stopped! God does not stop rain: God knows nothing about rain.
Once you begin to realize that error—evil in any form—is merely the product of the universal mesmeric mind, and then “Nothingize” it in the realization that it is not of God, it will make no difference to whether it is weather, false appetite, sin, disease, lack limitation, or unemployment. They will all disappear. They begin to disappear the moment you realize that they exist only as an activity of this universal mesmeric mind. But this mind is not God-ordained, and it has no God-law to support it. Your knowing that begins to dissolve the picture because all that it ever was, was a picture, an image in thought.
God made all that was made. God is the activity of the sun, the moon, the stars, and the planets. If it were not for the activity of God, there would be no crops in the ground, no oil, iron, or steel, no fish in the sea, and no birds in the air. All these things testify to the fact that the activity of God is infinite and omnipresent, always active.
But I have just been told about an approaching storm. Yes, but what is it? Another form of mesmeric suggestion! Another activity of the carnal mind that would claim to operate as a condition! It is only a mental image in thought, without life, without law, without being.
You build a consciousness of this truth by working with it. You may wake up in the morning and find some rather frightening weather outside. Then the very first thought that should come to you is, “Yes, but is it power? If it is not power, what difference does it make if the newspapers call it good weather or bad weather? It is just weather. Who thus labels it as good or bad? The farmer who needs rain does not call rain bad. And the umbrella manufacturer does not think of rain a bad. The human being Adam, calls things good and evil and give them their names.
End Part 3