By Joel Goldsmith
Part 2 of 5
Your Experience Is Your Consciousness Objectified
Those are comforting words to read, but the all-important question before each and every person is: How can I arrive at that state of consciousness? How can I become the one who dwells “in the secret place of the most High”?
I can assure you that this is not brought about by sitting idly by and accepting what the world doles out to you. It has to be done consciously. Whether you believe it or not, your life is either a conscious activity of your consciousness or the result of your unwillingness to let your consciousness express itself. You either become master of your fate and captain of your ship or you become a blotting paper for all the beliefs of good and evil that permeate the world, respond to them, and show them forth. You can become master of your fate only by an act of consciousness. This is not accomplished by the attitude, “Oh, God will take care of it.” No, no, no! There must be an activity of truth in your consciousness, and that activity of truth has to be built stone upon stone.
No matter what form of meditation you practice, it has to be built around the principle that there is only one power, that nothing but God, and the activity of God, is power, and that any sense of evil is impersonal, the activity of the fleshly mind. Where you are makes no difference: whether you go up in an airplane or down in a submarine, or whether you are a soldier on a battle front or a farmer tilling his soil. Whatever the nature of the human picture, it has to be consciously met. Every treatment or meditation must embody these two principles: the realized truth that God Itself is infinite and the only power, and that every appearance is but a mesmeric influence, the temptation of the one impersonal evil coming to your consciousness to be accepted or rejected.
Remember that temptation, whatever its form, has to be consciously rejected. This is not easy to do because the one thing the world is suffering from is mental inertia. It will not wake up and think. It wants to look at pictures. It does not want to give voice to specific truth. It does not want to live with truth. It wants to depend on an unknown God, or on a concept of God that has failed mankind for thousands of years.golden1
It is so easy to sit back and prate, “God will do it.” But God will not do anything that He is not doing—and do not ever believe that God is going to do anything a minute from now that He is not doing now. Do not believe that you are ever going to know enough truth to influence god to do something for you or for anyone else. Do not think that you will ever be so spiritual that God is going to be your servant and fulfill your wishes, your hopes, or your desires. There is no such God.
God is. And God is “is-ing” this very second. God is being this very second, and God is being all that God can be. There is no way for God to change. God is the same yesterday, today, and forevermore. God is from everlasting to everlasting. Do not try to get God to be anything or do anything. God is.
The responsibility is on your shoulders. “Awake thou that sleepist, … and Christ shall give thee light.” Wake up to the fact that your experiences is going to be your own state of consciousness objectified. If you persist in walking around all day without living consciously in the realization of God—omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient God here and now, the all and only Power—and without impersonalizing all phases of evil and realizing that they exist only as the “arm of flesh” or nothingness, you will not bring harmony into your experience.
From the moment of waking in the morning to going to sleep at night, you should be doing protective work. But do not think of protective work in the sense of protecting yourself or anybody else from evil. Protective work is the realization that there is no power from which to protect yourself. It is living in the realization that since there is only one Power there are no powers to do anything or be anything, and any suggestion of some other power is a mesmeric influence. That is protective work.
Without this realization, even though you are not consciously thinking of accidents or discords, diseases, sins or temptations, you are permitting yourself to accept unconsciously or subconsciously the world’s mesmeric and hypnotic suggestions.
Error touches your life in much the same way as subliminal perception operates. Things enter your consciousness which you cannot see, hear, taste, touch, or smell. It is not necessary to see a headline to know that there is trouble in the world, because even though that trouble may not consciously be brought to your attention, you inwardly feel it.
You may awaken with a headache, with a dullness, or a sense of fear. None of this originates in you; none of this is a part of you. You may not have heard that there is an epidemic of flu, and yet the first thing you know is that you have come down with an attack of the flu. You were no exposed to it; you did not consciously entertain the idea of it, but that suggestion entered your consciousness. When there is not an inner protection, that is, the understanding that this hypnotic or mesmeric influence, this mental malpractice, or whatever you want to call it, is not power and is not an emanation of God, it can take root in you and appear in any and every form. That I why there are these human experiences of discord and inharmony.
End Part 2