Tape 481 Side 1

The Nature of Truth

Only through the development of our consciousness can we make our transition from our human state to our spiritual state. We can more easily understand this when we remember Jesus’ statement, “Ye are the temple of God”. Do you believe that your body is the temple of God?

When we know this, we are purifying our consciousness and then we can know our true identity as the Christ or that “I that I Am”. As we develop ourselves in this way, we are removed from the possibility of doing wrong to ourselves or to our neighbor.

When we experience our Christhood, we become ordained and our life changes. Now we should never be tempted to act or react to many human appearances. Then our Christhood manifests as freedom of health, happiness and supply without limit.

**** IW Morsel – Determining Factor

Tape 482 Side 1

Building Healing Consciousness (The Raft)

Christ Consciousness is your consciousness when hate, fear and love of error have been overcome. When we achieve the Christ Consciousness we can look at all error in the world, including our own, and say, “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do”.

The letter of truth is not the healing method. To heal spiritually, we must develop the spiritual or Christ consciousness. Through the study of the books or through hearing the taped lessons of class work, we can develop this consciousness. But it must become a part of our Inner Self.

Our consciousness is the key to our spiritual growth. In human consciousness we believe in two powers, good and evil. In spiritual consciousness we come to realize that there are not two powers, but that God alone is power. The final step in developing our healing consciousness is when we arrive at the place when we realize that God is not a power over another power, but that God is just Being; God Is and that says it all.