The Nature of the Two Worlds

Study & Meditation #114

1962 Princess Kaiulani Closed Class (1:2)

Tape 480

The Nature of the Two Worlds

The two worlds are as revealed in the first and second chapters of Genesis. In the first chapter of Genesis, God made man in his image and likeness without any help form anyone. This pure spiritual birth, this immaculate conception, is God manifesting and expressing Himself and His qualities. Consciousness revealing Itself as form.

When you come to the second chapter of Genesis, you can see man’s creation. This is the world of a man created out of dust, of a woman created out of a rib…this is not a world, this is a DREAM. This is the world of sense impressions, beliefs and theories which exist only as a mental concept.

This man of earth, the natural man is not under the law of God, neither indeed can be – this is the reason for it: this man is not a man at all. It is a mythical creation of the five physical senses – a creation of the human mind.

Even God was manmade. Close your eyes for a moment and think the word, “God.” Do not believe this is God. Do you not see that this is a projection of our mind? Has this God any power? Is there really a presence or is this just a self-created image of three letters in our own thinking?

So to recognize we live in two worlds, the physical created by the five physical senses and the world of consciousness, is to bring ourselves closer and closer to illumination.

How can we be under God’s government until, unless, we know God? We must know God aright and you never will know God aright as long as you entertain any opinion…because you will only have a mental impression in your mind. We are building no images in thought as we declare God is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. We can say these words and still have no image in thought of God. We are only stating that which is self-evident.

Now be still. Be still and know. That is all – just be still and know. But don’t know anything because if you know anything it will be an object of mind. God is. That is enough to know. No images. No concepts. Be still and know. The main thing is be still. God is and that is enough to know. God is omniscient. We don’t have to know anything more than that. God is omnipresent. We don’t have to know any more than that. No images – no concepts. God is.

The more still you become, the greater the inner attention is. Having ears you will now hear – having eyes closed you will now see, because in this darkness the blinding light comes.


For study: in A Parenthesis in Eternity –

Chap 2, ’Release God’ &

Chap 10, ‘Reality & Illusion
From – Conscious Union with God

By Joel Goldsmith

Excerpt-Chapter 4


Right Identification and Reinterpretation

Never forget that this life of yours is God, and if it appears to you to be young or old, sick or well, evil or good, that is just God appearing to you, but incorrectly interpreted by you, and you are the one who must reinterpret the scene. There is no use going about saying, “Oh, I know there is no old age, sickness, or evil in heaven, but what about earth?” heaven and earth are not two different places; heaven and earth are one and the same: Earth is our mortal concept of heaven, and heaven is our real awareness of earth. In other words, heaven is the earth correctly understood.

Now follow this carefully. Here are two important points: right identification which means God appearing as individual life, the One appearing as many, or God, Life, appearing as individual being; and reinterpretation, which means looking at sick, sinning, dying humanity, and translating that appearance through the realization that, inasmuch as God is all, this is part of the allness of God which is being mis-seen coming as a false suggestion, which must be reinterpreted.

These two important points you must carry with you from morning to night and night to morning—right identification and reinterpretation. Reinterpret everything you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell. Reinterpret it! Translate it into its original state which is Godhood. Practice right identification. Know that all that appears to you is God appearing—God appearing as individual man, woman, or child; God appearing as plant, animal, or crops.

What the human eyes sees is the misconception of that divine idea. What the human eye sees or what the human ear hears is the false picture presented by this thing called hypnotism or suggestion, the same illusion that makes the tracks come together in the distance or the sky sit on the mountains. It makes no difference what name or term you use for error. Only be sure that you are not trying to be so absolute that you are unwilling to reinterpret what is appearing to you in the human scene.

For the serious student, the most important chapter in The Infinite Way is “The New Horizon,” because in it can be found the explanation of the reinterpretation of what you behold. In other words, this chapter explains clearly that the entire human picture is mesmeric suggestion, and it is this suggestion of a selfhood apart from God that you are called upon to reinterpret.

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