IW Morsel – Divine Sonship

The transition into divine sonship brings about that change from faith in the visible to faith in the Infinite Invisible, in that which can never be seen, heard, tasted, touched, smelled – or even thought or reasoned.

The Thunder of Silence


By Joel Goldsmith

1953 Second New York Closed Class
Tape 620 Side 1
Psalm 46 – Prayer
by Joel Goldsmith

We Can Only Demonstrate God

“The nature of our being must be infinity.”

Now watch that the moment that you catch your first spiritual glimpse, you give up all such prayers or treatments that have to do with getting or receiving. And one’s entire experience is living out from the center of being. The Master fed multitudes and instead of being depleted, found himself with twelve baskets full. The Master healed multitudes and instead of finding himself weakened, found himself strengthened in God. Why?

Because the Master did not draw from his storehouses or bonds – the Master did not draw from his acquired knowledge or wisdom – the Master didn’t draw. The Master let flow this divinity of his Being and It multiplied loaves and fishes, healed the multitudes. “I can of my own self do nothing, the Father within me doeth the works.”

The very first spiritual glimpse, probably even before we become aware of the fact that no longer are material or mental laws operating on us. Very often before we catch a glimpse of that, we catch a glimpse of this other that we can share. That if the whole world came to us for food or clothing or lodging or healing, that we could meet the need. We would only do that in proportion as the thought of “I” would not touch ourselves. As if it were to come from me, or come from mine.  But in the same way, that if someone were to ask you for metaphysical help, that you would never believe that they were asking for some of your help to be given to them. In that same way, when someone asks for food or clothing or lodging, you would have no thought that they were asking you for some of your food, clothing or lodging, and so you would be able to give them, lend them, bestow upon them as liberally as you could give them metaphysical or spiritual healings.  Is that clear?

Is that clear, that when you turn within to help another that you are not drawing anything of yourself? When someone asks you for help for a headache or a foot ache, or any other ache that they are not asking you to give up some of your health?  Well, be just as sure then that when they call upon you in any way, for anything, they are not asking you to give up any of your wealth. They are asking you to draw upon the infinity of your being which is pure spirit.

Oh, it will become evident in the form necessary to their experience. It will become form as dollars or clothing or housing. But that is not the way it will emanate from you. It will emanate from you as spiritual realization, then it will take form with them as food, clothing and housing or healing.

Remember the illustration now so often used by us that when Joan of Arc is asked, “Does God speak to you in French?”  The answer is, “I do not know in what language God speaks, but I hear him in French.”

You know that God speaks in spirit, not in any language. But when it comes to our awareness, we hear it in the language of our activity, in the language of our daily experience.  But God has not spoken in English, or French, or Italian, or German. God has spoken in spirit. And, in coming into our consciousness, we let it come through as our own language.

In the same way, no spiritual demonstration of supply has anything to do with housing or clothing or food. Any more than a spiritual healing has to do with reducing lumps. Remember, that all healing work is nullified the moment you have any thought in your mind of it having anything to do with physical conditions. If you do have a healing under those conditions, it will be a mental experience. Belief made manifest.

When, however, you turn to God on behalf of yourself or on behalf of another, and drop from thought all sense of the material need and turn there for light, for enlightenment, for spiritual realization, wisdom, for the knowledge of God; then you will find, that even though it comes to you in some form as this came walking down the hall, “He uttereth his voice.”

Then, after that has passed through your thought, all of a sudden you become aware of it out here as a healthier person or one abundantly supplied. Never make the mistake of believing that in our spiritual work, that we have in mind somebody’s health or wealth, even when that is to become the tangible or visible form of the demonstration.  You know what the demonstration itself is? – The realization of God. The demonstration in our work is never the thing or the condition.  The demonstration is the realization of God.  The form that the demonstration of God appears in, that is something with which we have nothing to do.  It will always appear in the form necessary at the moment.  The opening of the Red Sea, the multiplication of loaves and fishes.”