All the evil of the world has come about because of a sense of separation from God. We have accepted man on earth and God in heaven, and thereby have separated ourselves in belief from God, instead of being able to walk up and down this world knowing:

I and the Father are so one that if I stand before Pilate, I can say, “Thou couldest have no power at all against me, except it were given thee from above.”

Before Pilate, the greatest temporal power of the universe? Yes, even he could have no power over us unless it were given him of God. Daniel could walk into the lion’s den, and the lions could do nothing to him because he held aloft the I and knew that I in the midst of him was mighty.

You, too can face any situation that arises in your life—anything from a family situation to a national or international situation—if you can learn to sit quietly and lift up the I. Lift up the I, and realize that as long as you are abiding in that I, as long as you are abiding in that Presence no evil can come nigh your world.

In My presence is fulfillment. In My presence is fullness of light, and as long as you have that Presence lifted up in you, evil not only cannot come nigh your dwelling place, it cannot come nigh your entire world.

We do not have to wait for three billion people to learn this truth in order to save the world. A little handful of us can uphold this I, can live with this I within us, and face the world with It. Watch the evils of this world dissolve, the evils in personal enemies, national and international enemies. But to witness this, somebody must hold up the banner of I; somebody must admit the I that is knocking at the door of the consciousness of this whole world seeking entrance.

Now let us go beyond each one of us individually and let us remember that this I that is knocking at the door of the entire world at this minute and begging to be admitted is God. What we must do—a little group of us—is to open this world to the presence of I. Open the door and say, “Father, come in, for in Thy presence there is no warfare. In Thy presence is peace. In Thy presence is fulfillment.” Open the door of your consciousness. Open the door of this universe and admit God, for this world is suffering from only one thing: the absence of God.

All the while It, the presence of God, is saying to us, “I am standing at the door begging, begging to be admitted.” All we have to do is open our consciousness and say, “Father, enter. Enter this world; enter human consciousness.” Let us acknowledge that there is an I knocking at the door of this world. Let us open the door and admit God, and you will soon see how rapidly the sins, the diseases, the lacks, and the limitations of this world will disappear.

In My presence is fulfillment. My peace I give unto you, but how can I give it to you, if you do not admit Me into your consciousness? How can I give it to you?

Open the door of your consciousness; open the door of the consciousness of this world and let the Father in. Then watch this silent, sacred, secret Influence as It permeates all human consciousness and eventually reveals peace. Peace will not come through man. Peace will not come through treaties. Peace will not come through armaments. Peace will not come through disarmaments. Peace will come only through opening the door of consciousness and letting Me, the Father, in.