The Nature of I

From – The Mystical I

By Joel Goldsmith

P. 31

The Nature of I

All discord, all inharmony, and all error are experienced because of a sense of separation from God. But this sense of separation from God is not your fault personally. It is the universal belief that has come down to us from the allegorical experience of Adam and Eve being cast out of the Garden of Eden. Nevertheless, this universal sense of separation from God is responsible for our sins, disease, death, lack, and limitation. Therefore, immortality and infinity can be returned to us only as we return to the Father’s house.

This means to realize that what you are looking at with your eyes is not I: I am invisible; I am omnipresence; I am omnipotence; I am omniscience. You prove this by not taking thought, by being still, and by letting the Omniscience that I am reveal to you whatever wisdom, guidance, or direction is necessary at this moment. You prove this by being still in the listening attitude, letting Omnipotence prove Itself to be the only power. You prove this by taking no thought for your life or anything that concerns your life, and letting Omnipresence prove Omnipresence.

This cannot be done intellectually. It can be done through unknowing, through silence. Silence is your resting place. Silence is your abiding place, your living place. Live and move and have your being in silence, and then the still small vice will utter itself and live your life.


Two ways of I

There is an “I” called Joel and there is an “I” called you. But neither you nor Joel has fully attained: Joel is likely to make mistakes; Joel might sometime or other get very angry; Joel at times enjoys a good meal. But this is not the I that is the spiritual teacher or revelator. This is the part of my selfhood which is still in personal sense, and it is the one of which Jesus spoke when he said, “I of mine own self can do nothing.”

— Joel

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