From-Conscious Union With GodBy Joel Goldsmith

P. 92

Recognize the Nature of Error and Attain Mastery

The majority of people accept these universal beliefs at their face value, and then their life experience is influenced by them. We, however, must train ourselves not to accept world beliefs: Do not accept the suggestion of threescore years and ten; do not accept the suggestion that a disease is dangerous or serious. Remember, it is only suggestion.

Any belief can be set aside, but a law of God cannot be set aside. The law of God is life eternal. The law of God is: “All that I have is thine”—all the eternality, all the immortality. That cannot be set aside, but by becoming a law unto your own being through the realization that yours is a God-given dominion, the belief that you must die at any specific time can be set aside—whether it is a doctor who says it, whether it is the Bible with its threescore years and ten that says it, or whether it is the stars that say it. God gave man dominion over the things of the earth, over the waters, over the stars, over the heavens. God gave you, Its own individualized being, dominion, but you must consciously exercise this dominion and not sit back and let universal beliefs act upon you.

Remember that these beliefs, these universal beliefs—whether medical or theological—do act upon you until you consciously set them aside. In other words, every day of the year you are growing older, and unless you are consciously handling that belief and realizing, “My life is God, therefore ageless,” you do come under this human belief about age and you will come to the place which is known as change of life, and eventually you will show forth signs of age, because you will pass through all the various phases of life in accordance with medical beliefs, until you yourself consciously take possession of your life through your God-given dominion and realize, “No! My life is God! Age and change are but medical beliefs or suggestions and do not have to operate in or upon or through my consciousness.”

Thousands may fall at your left hand and tens of thousands at your right—if they do not take hold of this universal truth. Everyone has the right, either by choice or through ignorance, of going through life in his own way. You have the right to take hold of your own existence and determine its course and you do it in this way: When any form of error appears, be sure that you recognize it for what it is, so that it does not fool you. Do not let it cause you to accept a sick or sinful person and then try to reform or heal him. If you do that, you will be the blind leading the blind.