21 – Wisdoms of the Infinite Way

IS alone overcomes the world.

From the book – The Infinite Way

Joel S. Goldsmith

Study & Meditation #1

From Joel Goldsmith – Manchester Closed Class (I:2)

In the Infinite Way you come into a state of consciousness in which you do not have two powers. You do not have a good and evil. You do not need even the power of truth to overcome error. You do not need the power of prayer to overcome disease. You do not even need the power of God! Why?

The power of God is already functioning and you will have come to the place of recognition that God Is. GOD IS! Then I don’t have to tell God. I don’t have to ask God. What do I have to do? Pray! Not pray for or pray to, just pray.

What is prayer? Silent recognition, “Thank you, Father!” God Is! That means Infinity Is. That means nothing else is, but Good.. That means there is not one power to be used over another. There is only One Power! God alone is power. There isn’t any other power. Thank you, Father. “Not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit!”