Recordings of classes and seminars in 2022/2023

Click on the pictures to be directed to the playlists on YouTube

Perspective Seminar: 8 Steps toward Christ Vision Seminar taking place in January and February 2023 Http://iwihub.com for sign up and more info. The videos in this playlist are recordings of the meetings.
Recordings of parts of the online spiritual healing meetings by Wim. Non public video’s only available for participants of this seminar.
Recordings of the online meditations and introductions in which we study Joel S. Goldsmith’s 1955 Kailua Study Group tapes.
In the CHRISTIAN MYSTICS Seminar we share the pearls of mystics throughout the ages. Timeless wisdom and Its relevance for you.
In this seminar you discover with the help of a lot of visitors the process of awakening in a new way. We use quantum physics, neuroscience, embryonic stem cell research, cellular regeneration, light body awakening to come to discover the truth about ourselves.
Instrument of truth, is a series of classes consisting of 3 parts. • Part 1. Inspire, playfulness and self expression • Part 2. Expand, experiment and direct • Part 3. The Master-piece in 10 steps
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