Conscious Union With God

"As the wave is one with the ocean, so am I one with God. As the sunbeam is one with the sun so am I one with God" 
excerpt from 'Conscious Union with God' by Joel S. Goldsmith

Conscious Union With God

is the book of Joel S. Goldsmith that we will be using in the Spiritual Healing Classes. Wim H. is your facilitator in this class. All are welcome to join the class! Whether you see yourself as a beginner or otherwise please join.

You can order the book HERE at Acropolis Books


Classes are scheduled on Sunday’s starting the 22nd of August at noon CDT (CHECK here Your Time)

Date 2021TimeSubject
22nd of Augustnoon CDTThe Basis of Spiritual Healing
29th of AugustThe Nature of Error
5th of SeptemberMeditation
12th of SeptemberTeaching the Message
19th of SeptemberMaking the Adjustment
26th of SeptemberThe Mission of the Messiah
3rd of OctoberSeek the Answer Within
10th of OctoberMysticism

Find your time here


We will meet online using Zoom to connect. This is an easy to use app on your phone or I-pad. The link to the Classroom is: https://zoom.us/j/7567456815 . Make sure you enter 5 minutes before the class, so we can start on time.


All activities of Iwihub.com are on donation basis. The suggested donation for this series is $100

Donation for class

Conscious Union Thank you for your support


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