Joel’s Meditation – What Truth Do I Know
The italicized portions of the book are spontaneous meditations which have come to the Joel during periods of uplifted consciousness and not in any sense intended to be used as affirmations, denials, or formulas. They serve as examples of the free flowing of the Spirit. As the reader practices the Presence, he, too, in his exalted moments, will receive ever-new and fresh inspirations as the outpouring of the Spirit.

How much truth do I know about God? I know that God is omnipresent, and that therefore, all God’s presence and all God’s power are flowing through me. Where God is, there can be nothing but good; there cannot be sin, disease, death, lack, or limitation. In God’s presence, is the allness of good.
What else do I know about God? God is the only power. If God is the only power, there are no powers other than God; there are no negative powers on earth so there can be no power in this condition confronting me. God is the only life, life eternal and immortal without sin or disease, without blemish. God’s life is perfect. God is love, and that love enfolds me. God’s love is my protection, sustaining and maintaining me.

Practicing The Presence
By Joel Goldsmith