Happy Thanksgiving Day!!

Thank you for support and active presence in the Great Awakening. Thank you for your participation in classes, celebrations and intensives. It is the Light in you that makes all this possible. Thank you for the Love that you are.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!!

“It is impossible to express Gratitude without expressing Love, as they are both components of God and, therefore, inseparable from God. Gratitude is akin to Love. Gratitude, like Love, is God expressing Itself through man as man. It is impossible to love without expressing some degree of God through your consciousness, and so it is, also, with Gratitude”.

Collected Essays, Joel S. Goldsmith, Acropolis Books.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!!


Today I want to invite you to our CHRISTIAN MYSTICS meeting at noon Central Time USA, 7 pm Central Europe Time. It is a moment of special celebration! Expressing our joy for finding the light within us. There will be an atmosphere of connectedness, warmth, gratitude… Bring your joy with you when you come. All are welcome. Come as you are!

Thank you for everything!!

Wim, Iwihub.com