Today there will be another Tape Group Private 25 class. In the preparation for this class, listening to the tape, I came across this what Joel S Goldsmith shares in the tape “Attain that mind first” tape 411A.

The nature of this work is really spontaneity. The nature of this work is whatever degree of inspiration we can bring forth from within. Our work will never prosper or be successful, just because we know certain truths and can voice them or think them. That will not do our work for us, because this is not a mental approach to life with mental forces and powers overcoming lesser ones. This entire principle is one of realizing truth, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” It is realizing truth, but truth is not something that’s written in a book. Truth isn’t something that can be read. Truth is an impartation that comes from within our own being, from the depths of our own being.

Excerpt ‘Attain that mind first’, Joel S. Goldsmith

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The Tape Group Private 25 is open to everyone interested in the tapes of Joel S. Goldsmith. We meditate for some 25 minutes before class, listen to an introduction to the tape and then listen to half an hour of a weekly different tape in the Private 25 series. We too, come together with about 25 of us. If you feel moved to joining a class please let us know. Send us an email using this button.