When I pray for nobody and for nothing, then I am praying most truly, for in God is neither Henry nor Conrad. If we pray to God for aught else but God, that is wrong and faithless and a kind of imperfection, for it is to set up something beside God. As I said recently, that is wanting to make a nothing of God, and to make God out of nothing. “God is love, and he who dwells in love is in God, and God is in him.”

excerpt : the Complete Mystical Works of Meister Eckhart, A Herder & Herder book, the Crossroad publishing Company, 1987.

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The Christian Mystics seminar

In a couple of days, the 10th of November 2022 we start the Christian Mystics Seminar. There will be more podcasts available for one thing. The seminar will help you to recognize the abundant beauty given us today by the Christian Mystics. The podcast above is just one sermon of Meister Eckhart, who appeared in the physical form in the 13th Century, by the way. There is a lot to discover and enjoy to the fullest. If you feel like joining us go here: