In the Collected Essays Class of this weekend, the idea of ‘rising from the tomb’ came up a lot. Rising from the tomb of human denial of the Love of God is what it relates to. In the last video’s on the Iwihub- Youtube channel you could Joel Goldsmith hear talk this subject. This is truly an Easter Video.

The Real Teacher

In this class of the series “Collected Essays” of Joel S. Goldsmith we use the Pamphlet “The Real Teacher”. We come quickly to the fundamental idea behind all this: “The Christ”. In order for you to experience this Christ in you, which basically is what the spiritual awakening is, you rise out of the tomb of denial in which you were raised. Accepting limitation as a necessity is one of them. Thinking that people are suffering outside of you, another. Thinking that you are a body walking around in time and space another one… and so on. The good news is that light dispels darkness. All your ‘mistakes’ never happened and have no effects.

The Video