Active Prayer Meditation as we started online yesterday. A beautiful exercise in coming into the awareness of Love’s Presence. Come into a deep conscious Communion with your Creator. Some words are shared, some music is played. The Silence speaks in all of it. Listen…

The Prayer

I within me is my bread, meat, wine and water. 
I am the Source of my inspiration.
I - this is the Father within me, the Christ within me.
I relax and rest in the assurance of an inner kingdom that meets the needs of my outer world.
I am fed from within
I am supported from within

I receive my inspiration from within because I have learned that I live now and not by might or power, but by listening, thereby being attuned to the inner kingdom.

Joel S. Goldsmith, ‘Seek Ye First’- pamphlet, Acropolis Books.

The Meditation VIDEO

The Meditation AUDIO

Seek first the Kingdom AUDIO
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