Day 10 of 40 Days to Christ’s Second Coming. Today the “Body Matters” class and the presentation of the reading of ‘the illusion of suffering’. This is a part from the Urtext Manuscripts of A Course in Miracles, chapter 27. The Body and the Dream. It answers the questions stated below and much more. In order to see that suffering is an illusion, a make believe is essential in waking up to the Love that you are, please listen to the reading that is presented below. It is so cristal clear and offer you a way out of your own idea of suffering for ever, in a very loving way.


  • What has the world done to YOU?
  • Can you be a victim of “something else”?
  • Can you escape a source outside yourself?
  • What is separation but thinking it is possible to be attacked or that there is a need to defend?
  • What is the cause of suffering?
  • Is there a way out of this?


The Illusion of suffering.

The illusion of suffering

Chapter 27 Section H, Urtext Manuscripts of A Course in Miracles,

Miracles in Action Press 2008, read by Wim H.

Artwork used in illustration: ‘de Hooiwagen’, Jheronimus Bosch, 1500, Museo del Prado, Madrid