Self Love

ACCEPT the miracle of healing, and it WILL go forth, because of what it IS. It is its NATURE to extend itself the instant it is born. And it is born the instant it is offered and RECEIVED. No‐one can ask ANOTHER to be healed.

Ch 27F excerpt Urtext Manuscripts, Miracles in Action Press 2008


Welcome to Day 24 of the 40 Days to Christ’s Second Coming. How can love, love itself? Self love is in that sense an interesting idea. If you are the effect of your Source: ‘Love’; what can you be but love? That is understandable. Now we take it up one step. Are you experiencing yourself as love? Can you see yourself as an extension of love? Sometimes maybe, you say. Well, there is more… Also more practical instruction. So helpful.


The Healing Example is read to you here. Chapter 27 F, from the Urtext Manuscripts.

The Healing Example read by Wim H.


Download Urtext Manuscripts here


Class: Healing Instruction and Self Love

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