What is A D D I C T I O N ?

In the class that is presented today “Your Relieve” we use this definition, which I like:

Addiction is a complex psychophysiological process, but it has a few key components. I'd say that an addiction manifests in any behavior that a person finds temporary pleasure or relief in and therefore craves, suffers negative consequences from, and has trouble giving up. ... That's what an addiction is.
(This definition was given by GABOR MATÉ MD, wholehearted.org)

I highlighted ANY BEHAVIOR just because the idea of addiction goes beyond the well known drugs like cocaine or alcohol, but can entail also, shopping,smartphone use, sex, porn watching, and any other kind of human behavior. In the class I also mention MORTALHOLICISM meaning addicted to death.

What is R E L I E V E ?

Cambridge Dictionary:
to make an unpleasant feeling, such as pain or worry, less strong

This class offers a new vision regarding the idea of A D D I C T I O N and helps you to see how many actions you perform in your attempt to find relief for the pains, fears and aches you are encountering during your day. Finding the relief in a place where it cannot be found. Hence your opportunity for healing now you found where to look for your Relief with a capital “R”.


First 45 minutes of the class

What is your E X P E R I E N C E with addiction? Feel free to share: