Complexity is not of God. How COULD it be, when all He knows is One? He knows of ONE creation, ONE reality, ONE truth, and but ONE Son. Nothing CONFLICTS with Oneness. How, then, COULD there be complexity in Him? What IS there to decide? For it is CONFLICT that makes choice complex. The truth is simple; it is one, WITHOUT an opposite.
[Urtext Manuscripts, Miracles in Action Press 2008]


Amazing idea in your transition from humanhood to Christ-mind. Truth is simple; it is one, WITHOUT an opposite. Well, there goes your dualistic world full of opposites and polarities. It blows your mind even to imagine this. It actually stirs up a deep release, this complexity I am encountering doesn’t have any reality. In stillness this is well received, of course there are no opposites. My experience of stillness is stilling all these perceived differences. In the release of the defense of my mis-identity I shift into an experience of Oneness. If that isn’t the miracle of meditation, then what is?


In the presented video the content is as follows:

  • 0:00 Introduction and relaxation
  • 5:04 Reading lesson 122: Forgiveness offers everything I want
  • 15:19 Practice of lesson 122
  • 17:01 The Borderland