Complexity is not of God. How COULD it be, when all He knows is One? He knows of ONE creation, ONE reality, ONE truth, and but ONE Son. Nothing CONFLICTS with Oneness. How, then, COULD there be complexity in Him? What IS there to decide? For it is CONFLICT that makes choice complex. The truth is simple; it is one, WITHOUT an opposite. (Urtext manuscripts A Course in Miracles, excerpt ch26D)


The group-sessions are open and there is no theme pre-determined. Fresh new awakening inspiration every class. In the classes Wim H. will use inspirational Scripture, Urtext of A Course in Miracles, Joel S. Goldsmith’s books or whatever comes to the table to share directly from Christ Mind. All are welcome. Come as you are!


Starting again at the first of November 2021 there will be sessions on Monday‘s at 9am Pacific Time USA (FIND YOUR TIME HERE) The next week daylight saving ends What will be the time for you in your location then, FIND IT HERE.

1st of November 2021*9AM PDT Pacific Time USA daylight saving!!
89AM Pacific Standard Time USA
6 December9AM PST
13December9AM PST
19 December Solstice Seminar – to be announced


We will meet online using Zoom to connect. This is an easy to use app on your phone or I-pad. The link to the Classroom is: . Make sure you enter 5 minutes before the class, so we can start on time.


There is no charge for the classes etc. All activities of are on donation basis. (suggested donation for these sessions are $10/session)

Miracle Sessions

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