All is happening within me. I got that. But how ’bout my free will? How is my will free when I experience limitation? Or as I experience myself as in a prison? What realization is going to be helpful? What am I missing in this “free will” story in my life? In the video presented below you are offered a clarity that can be very helpful for you. Please join us. Your will is free. How wonderful it is to do your will! For that is Freedom.


How wonderful it is to do your will! For that IS freedom. There is nothing else that ever should be called by freedom’s name. UNLESS you do your will, you are NOT free. And would God leave His Son WITHOUT what he has chosen for himself? God but ensured that you would never LOSE your will, when He gave you His perfect Answer. Hear It now, that you may be reminded of His Love, and learn YOUR will.
Urtext Ch 30C: Freedom of Will


Content of the class:
0:00 Introduction and Atuning
6:34 It is crucial.. reading intro ch 1
11:06 Review of lessons regarding free will
14:14 Freedom of Will – Introduction
15:56 Lesson 74: there is no will but God’s
18:35 Practice of lesson 74
23:38 The New Beginning
30:03 Freedom of Will – reading ch 30C
32:19 New Realization regarding Holy Spirit
47:27 Invitation to forgive God

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