In the class presented we use the book “Conscious Union With God” from Joel S. Goldsmith. This time we look at our spiritual journey and some aspects you might bump up against. One of them being: with one experience of healing your issue, thinking that you are OK and let the path for what it is, up to the next issue. But there is always more… more healing, more love, more light. Forever expanding!!! Yeeeeh.


"This truth is not merely for the purpose of making sick people well or poor people rich, but to awaken even healthy and wealthy people to a reliance on spiritual power, spiritual security and spiritual freedom, which is not dependent on success of medical research or any political ideology or economic system under which they may be living"
[Joel S. Goldsmith in 'The Mission the Messiah', from the book Conscious Union With God.]

Content of the Class

  • 0:00 Introduction and Atuning
  • 5:47 Why starting your Spiritual Journey?
  • 13:27 Human needs drive people to Christ
  • 16:43 Perseverence needed
  • 20:23 The Spiritual Life
  • 26:50 The Messiah
  • 32:43 The Language of Love
  • 33:59 The Central Office
  • 35:54 Prayers

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