Today Joel S. Goldsmith shares. Lovely to start your day with:

Be ye free. I hold you in no obligation to me. Anything that I may do for you is done only as an act of grace from God, through me, to you. And I realize that you can do no more for me than the grace of God understood permits. But I hold you in no bondage because my sufficiency is of God. Thy grace, God, Thy grace, Father, is my sufficiency. Therefore, I am not holding my family or my friends, my students or my patients in bondage to me. I loose you and set you free in God. I release you to God’s care even as I am now released within myself in the spiritual truth that I and my Father are one and you and your Father are one. I owe you nothing except to love you. You owe me nothing except to love me, in your own way, not according to my standards, in your own way, to whatever degree the grace of God gives it to you.

“Whatever I do is not from a sense of duty or legal relationship, but from a sense that I am my brother’s keeper, that I owe it to every man to express the love of God, and this alone is the reason for my actions. And I expect nothing other than that of you.”

From the 1961 Hawaiian Village Open Class: tape 438B Freedom Spiritually Discerned