1961 Hawaiian Village Open Class                             Photo: Inez Marques
Joel S. Goldsmith
438B – Freedom Spiritually Discerned 4/4

Make it a daily practice to set this world free, including God. “Go ahead God, be about your business. You take care of your business and I’ll be taking care of that which you give me to do.” And then to our friends and to our relatives:

“Be ye free. I hold you in no obligation to me. Anything that I may do for you is done only as an act of grace from God, through me, to you. And I realize that you can do no more for me than the grace of God understood permits. But I hold you in no bondage because my sufficiency is of God. Thy grace, God, Thy grace, Father, is my sufficiency. Therefore, I am not holding my family or my friends, my students or my patients in bondage to me. I loose you and set you free in God. I release you to God’s care even as I am now released within myself in the spiritual truth that I and my Father are one and you and your Father are one. I owe you nothing except to love you. You owe me nothing except to love me, in your own way, not according to my standards, in your own way, to whatever degree the grace of God gives it to you.

“Whatever I do is not from a sense of duty or legal relationship, but from a sense that I am my brother’s keeper, that I owe it to every man to express the love of God, and this alone is the reason for my actions. And I expect nothing other than that of you.”

And so it is that as we set God free so that we understand that God owes nothing to us, God owes only to God, and God is forever fulfilling God’s obligation to Himself. We need not remind God of that. God is the all-knowing infinite wisdom and love. We need to remind ourselves however, that we live by the grace of God, and the grace of God is my sufficiency, and we need therefore hold no man in bondage to us or under obligation to us. Even if they owe us money, let’s forgive it so that we absolutely have the freedom to receive our grace from God, not from man, whose breath is in his nostril.

Then can you not see that this is a life of freedom? And the reason it is a life of freedom is it’s a life lived in God, through God, by God’s grace. And who can take that from us? On our coins we say, “In God we trust.” And you know we don’t. But let it be true in the experience of one who shall become a majority with God. Let it be true in the two or more who are gathered together in Thy name. Let it be true in the ten righteous men in the city, and watch how the entire city is saved. Let it be true that a few individuals lose their fear of man, whose breath is in his nostril, and of all his temporal power, and realizes his life in God. And then see how this will externalize itself as some divine idea in the mind of some president or premier, prime minister—somebody or other in the right place that will bring forth freedom and liberty.

Don’t accept for a moment that this world is facing either extermination or slavery. Don’t believe for a moment that it is facing war or surrender. Those are not the alternatives. This world is facing only one thing—a release from fear through the understanding of God’s grace, and God’s freedom and God’s life. This world is really facing a need for ten righteous men or two or more gathered together, or one who shall be a majority. The only need this world has is for the few who will really save the world through their understanding that we are not facing human alternatives, that we are not facing death or destruction, that, as a matter of fact, temporal power isn’t power, and the freedom doesn’t come through temporal power but through God’s grace.

In Thy presence is fullness of joy, fullness of life—in Thy presence. Only in the realization that I and the Father are one do we live in that presence and experience fulfillment. But see this—good cannot come to you from outside your own being. It must come to you as an act of your own consciousness. If you would be free, and if you would help to free this world, then take these two or three minutes every hour of the day, and as many hours of the night as you are awake to realize that where I am God is, and that means omnipresence. To realize that freedom is a spiritual quality not at the mercy of man or temporal powers. Consciously know this truth and you will be surprised how widely you are broadcasting it because what the Father seeth in secret, he rewardeth openly.

Everything that takes place in your consciousness in silence and secrecy is broadcast to all receptive consciousness throughout the world. You need not pray, openly or publicly; you need not make your affirmations of truth to be seen of men. Be assured of this: there is more power in a ‘ten-seconds’ of realization that takes place silently and secretly within you than in ten hours of talking or outwardly praying.

There is only one reason that I take an hour here to say these things to you. There is no power in my hour of speech. The power is in your acceptance of this within your consciousness and then abiding in it as I do—a moment or two, a minute or two, of every hour realizing, “Thy grace no man takes from me. That which God has joined together no man can put asunder and God has given me my freedom.”

I have freedom only by God’s grace. I know good-hearted individuals in the world that want to give it to us. Freedom is by God’s grace. But this truth consciously realized is prayer—silent prayer, secret prayer. But everything that takes place of a spiritual nature in your consciousness is broadcast unto this entire world. And just those moments of prayer, of the realization of the non-power of the external world will awaken somebody; will reveal a truth in the consciousness of somebody—Washington or London or Paris or Bonn, Moscow, somewhere. And there will be an awakening, a realization.

Why do you think the Master said that my words will never pass away? They weren’t written; they weren’t broadcast, but they never have passed away. Why? A word of truth entertained in consciousness is never erased. And so it is that our silent prayer, our secret prayer, the prayer that we indulge just one minute at a time or less—the prayer of realization, “Thy grace is our freedom, and this is not at the mercy of man, whose breath is in his nostril.” This alone is sufficient to free the world.

Truth is powerful. Truth is all-power and the secret is this: Truth is the only power. But ye shall know the truth before it is power. Ye shall know the truth. Know this truth: freedom is spiritual; freedom is the gift of God; freedom is omnipresent; freedom is invisible; freedom is never at the mercy of man or temporality.  Never again should we fear a lack of freedom. We should only fear if we withhold freedom.

Thank you.