In the last Miracle Work 2 class we come to some deep self-answering questions, starting with: do you really believe… The fact is you don’t really believe the illusions you created even though you are defending them. Are you aware of that?

Of course you cannot believe that you can force yourself into a real separation from God. But on the other hand, to let go of your defense might not be as easy as you would have it be. This is what we are looking at this class, how can you get out of your self imposed limitation. The script that is giving us deep insights and instruction, you can find here. (Urtext Manuscripts of A Course In Miracles ch 5 section I)

Isn’t it great to see that you can read this and even to follow this direct instruction. It give you the opportunity to take a look at the basis of your (human) thought system. I am actually defending something I don’t even believe in myself.. amazing. Why would I keep doing that?

VIDEO OF The Miracle Work 2 class