Is there a way out of fear? What would it be? What is the cause of fear? How can fear be released? What are you labelling as fear?

Imagine that what you fear is not what is going to happen, but you are afraid it might be. To think about the possible outcomes, experiencing that your fear increases and your mind becomes fully occupied with it makes you want to get rid of it. But what do you do?

A deep cause of fear is your idea that you are being judged. Even ideas such as that there is a God that has a ‘final judgement’ is often a fear-trigger. It seems to be associated with an end, or death…

One other question for your today. Do you want the possibility of an incredible speed up for yourself to come to a whole different experience of all of this, where you discover there is a way out of fear and the idea of your final judgement becomes a long waited for experience of fulfilment?

In this podcast we read a part of the Urtext of A Course in Miracles where the WAY OUT OF FEAR is introduced. Very loving and you will recognize the light of truth in it.