Obviously for an instrument to come to it’s full usefulness, it needs to be used for the function it is made for and it needs to be fine tuned. Undoing of distortion. All ‘strings’ in alignment. This is the same with you in your transformational process.

Look at it with me how true this is for you too. Whenever you experience limitation and let go of it, how free you feel. When you let go of your fear to connect with your brother, how great it is to meet him in a new light…

The Fine Tuning that is taking place in you has everything to do with tuning in on the frequency of love. Only love heals.

What I would love to share with you is this from the One who knows:

Readiness here means keep your perception right side up, (or valid), so you will ALWAYS be ready, willing, and able. These are the essentials for “listen, learn, and do.” You must be 
  READY to listen
  WILLING to learn
  and ABLE to do
Only the last is involuntary, because it is the APPLICATION of miracles which must be Christ‐controlled. But the other two, which are the voluntary aspects of miracle‐mindedness, ARE up to you. To channelize DOES have a “narrowing down” connotation, though NOT in the sense of lack. The underlying state of mind, or Grace is a total commitment. Only the DOING aspect involves the channel at all. This is because doing is always specific.
As Jack said, “A reliable instrument must measure something,” but a channel is also valid. It must learn to do ONLY what it
is supposed to do. Change the prayer to read:
If you will tell me what to do,
ONLY THAT I will to do. (Urtext excerpt ch1 B.)