Miracles are natural. When they do NOT occur something has gone wrong.

Miracles are everyone’s right, but purification is necessary first.

Miracles are a form of healing. They supply a lack, and are performed by those who have more for those who have less.

Miracles are a kind of exchange. Like all expressions of love, which are ALWAYS miraculous in the true sense, the exchange reverses the physical laws.

Urtext A Course In Miracles

This is an invitation for you. May second 2021 will be the day for the Miracle Healing Intensive Seminar. After an energetic physical rejuvenation start we receive an introduction to miracle healing and we will come to the practice of miracle healing. During the past classes you received your ‘home work’ in every class. Now there is an opportunity to extend the miracle that you are and share what is happening in the undoing of you. You can extend how the miracle is working in your life.

Bring a quote that keeps you occupied and inspire you like never before, and extend that to us. Share spontaneously what is given to you to share in the moment. You can make a start with extending the truth of you in all its innocence.

The Grand Finale

We celebrate the miracle that you are! There will be live music and poetry. Simple and innocent, heartfelt and united


The 2,5 hour seminar will start at noon CDT (Chicago Time) CHECK YOUR TIME HERE

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