Master Teacher starts today as follows:

I am very happy to see that you’ve stayed with me in the idea of the possibility of the resurrection of your body. This is our Course In Miracles and I am representing to you the advancement that I obtained through self-realization, the simple admission that the problems that confront you in this world could never be solved. So that the moment of devastation that occurred allowed me to see that all of my self-constructions of body were totally meaningless. And I underwent an enlightening event that I’m offering to you that you just accepted, and it will contain within it the certainty of self-realization that is inherent in you and did occur.

Thank you for allowing me to begin to stimulate in our associations in space/time the very simple excitement of the realization of your escape from time. All right? Now, whether you employ the word “resurrection” really has no meaning to me. I’ve been watching some of your television that indicate the idea that you intend this body, grow old and decrepit, lose the things that you love, die and be laid into the ground, where worms can consume you, and somewhere following that episode in time you will be resurrected. What kind of nonsense is that? If the idea of resurrection is to demonstrate the eternal life that is the formulation of this universe, why would it require an ordeal of the idea of conversion, are you listening? – unless you were determined to hold on to the self-centering, we call this the ego, of your self-identity in order to justify the idea of death in order to become eternal.

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This is our 13 th day and I am happy to travel with you. All materials provided are gems that bring you into the Remembrance. Your efforts have Great Support. You can be sure of that.