You think with the Mind of God. 
Therefore you share your thoughts with Him, as He shares His with you.They are the same thoughts, because they are thought by the same Mind.To share is to make alike, or to make one.
Nor do the thoughts you think with the Mind of God leave your mind,
because thoughts do not leave their source. Therefore, your thoughts
are in the Mind of God, as you are.
They are in your mind as well,
where He is.
As you are part of His Mind,
so are your thoughts part of His Mind.
Ref. Return of the Heretic.


Today is available for you to listen to a podcast, a recording of the online healing class where we use the “Return of the Heretic” book from the Master Teacher of a course in miracles. It was an amazing gathering.


Today there is another online healing class where we use the Miracles Healers Handbook. Today is the chapter: How is Healing Accomplished? What is your role in it and how to look at it with your new miracle mind?

The class starts at 1pm CDT, Chicago Time (check for your local time.) Hope to see you there. Thank you.

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