Started the third of March 2021 at 1pm CST is a new series of classes and you are invited!

We use the book The Return of the Heretic as the basis of the online Healing Class. All aspects of awakening to your Christ Mind are included. The Master Teacher expresses from his revelatory mind, direct, clear and full of passion.

  • 3rd of March 2021: A Sip from the Holy Grail
  • March 10: Sown in Thorns and Raised in Lilies
  • March 17: Neither Thanatos Nor Eros
  • March 24: A Stairway to the Stars
  • March 31: Subjective Thought
  • April 7: The Miracle is Your Awakening
  • April 14: Be my Valentine

Note well: The first two classes are starting at 1pm CST the rest of the classes at 1 pm CDT (daylightsaving) see for your specific time.

Where can I buy the book?

Buy the book here

On Amazon it is available.


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Thank you for your donation.