This Tuesday the 19th of January 2021, we start the first online healing class of this season and in order for you to prepare for this class I would like to offer you some material that will be used in the class.

First of all, as you could read in the SIGN UP PAGE of the class, we will use The Government of Eden, by Joel S. Goldsmith (you can order it with a 20% reduced rate). We use the section from chapter One called: The Inner Kingdom and the Inner Power. Please read this and let yourself be inspired.

What came to me to share with you also is a section from the book The Way of The Servant. You can download it for study purpose here.

And now,
in the time of Recognition,
after the allure of the dream has paled
and finally lost all trace of significance,
and in that perfect silence
where the sleeping Son no longer rebels
against the simple
and loving
embrace of the Holy Father,
the light of the living Christ is rekindled.

The book is for sale at your online bookstore: The Way Of Mastery: The way of the Servant