The full significance of Christmas, of course, can never be known except through an understanding of the nature of God; unless you begin to really catch a glimpse of what God is, of the nature of God, of the functioning of God, you cannot, of course, understand the Christmas Day, the significance of this day. 

Joel S. Goldsmith tape 443A: 1961 Hawaiian Village Open Class, Christmas 1961

In high expectancy I am very happy to offer the following: You are invited to a Healing Seminar online presented on the 21st of December 2020. This will be another possibility to catch a glimpse of what the Nature of God is. This seminar is set up so you can deeply enter into Stillness, timelessness. To receive your birth right which is the miracle of the totality of Who you are! To give and to receive are One in Truth. You will have an opportunity to offer yourself the greatest Christmas gift you can ever have…

Let this be a brand new moment for your self, in which you can leave behind what never was and come into a brand new vibrant and light filled experience that is the present moment. All you need to enter is wholly empty hands. Leave your ideas and concerns behind and realize your Source connection that never can be lost.


21st of December 2020 Times in Central Standard Time USA ( see for your local time)

8AMMeditation Light Timelessness30-45 minutes
10AMAligning with Source – with Wim + Questions & Answers50 minutes
12PMTime to Teach your self60 minutes


The seminar is free of charge. A voluntary donation is appreciated!! (Suggested is: for full seminar $30)

Healing X mas Seminar ONLINE – donation

Thank you for your donation!!



Fill in the form below. Note: When you sign up you will be send a link to the online class on your private mail. If you have questions send to iwihub@ Thank you so much