Transcript 1/5 of the One Consciousness Online Review class by Wim, 25th of October 2020. This class is the Review class of the One Consciousness Classes given the last 12 weeks. Each week we have used a freely given chapter of one of Joel S. Goldsmith’s books. This review is based on the Selected readings of Acropolis Books, as a free gift to their readers.

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Let’s start the review class and its really nice to take another look at what we have been studying even though the idea of review is a bit weird maybe, if there’s no such thing as a past. If you want to let go of the past you don’t want to review anything. If we have missed anything we can take a look at it now.

So today, I have a bit of a different approach. I was very systematic so far but now I will be doing this very systematic but in a different way. I found suddenly a lot of question marks in the review and it came to me like this. Let’s pick those out the questions being asked by Joel self and picked out by the Acropolis books publisher. That’s what we’re going to do today and take another look at that at the questions that are in there because they point to really great parts of the text and they will give us everything anyway. That’s the beauty of this these books of Joel and you might say ‘Christ-mind’ literature: one sentence can already be completely revealing to you and that would be the only thing that you need to certain point in your awakening.

Why go for quantity, go for quality.  Take time to really look at one of the sentences instead of the whole book sequence, the 30 – 40 books that Joel wrote. It’s more like this, sit with one sentence sometimes achieving more than reading a whole book. That too is what I love about what we’re doing today, to show you just short questions, it’s not a lot of text. You will go like, wow that’s really profound, that’s really awesome, that’s so powerful! I might let myself be say affected by that, it is just totally amazing And so did I by scrolling through the text with the search engine of Acrobat reader and that brought me to a lot of things.

I want to start with a meditation kind of quiet moment and I found some really nice texts and took parts of that and put it together. Please be with me in this, it is super comforting, it brings you right to your alignment with the universe and it’s just lovely, it’s very familiar probably, for you guys. Here we go:

 I am with you, I will be with you even until the end of the world. Drop your burden at My feet, drop your burden in the assurance that all good is embodied and embraced within your own being. Accept my Kingdom and be at peace there’s nothing to be achieved tomorrow; there are no regrets for yesterday there’s only this living now. This moment of rest in Me of confidence in Me. (Source: Readings from 12 Weekly Chapters)

 I am with you, I will be with you even to the end of this world, only is living now, this moment of resting in confidence in Me. This is our alignment so to speak. This is why we start off which is also the completion. You know that’s there’s nothing to achieve. I said is a lot during these meetings and and it’s like yeah, there’s nothing to achieve, there’s no goal to achieve, it is a realization of the fact that this is accomplished, it is done. That’s why it doesn’t need your efforts to fix it or anything like that. The most comforting part in this for me is this, drop your version into the assurance that all is good and that all good is embodied and embraced within your being. It’s not happening anywhere else than in your own being and this is how we come together, this is how we meet, how we heal, how we love.. This is all embodied within your own being and you don’t need to go anywhere for it, you don’t need effortlessly strive for something. Now it’s accomplished, it is happening here and now, that’s what’s really beautiful I love that! It is our alignment to start off. See like I said, only this part alone can all bring you everything in terms of realization of where you really are and realization that your home is in heaven, that the Kingdom is within you and then that all good is already established in your Self.  The only thing that’s been asked is to have confidence in Me, in God, you now have confidence and wait like it says, like this moment of resting. Be still in Me with a capital M.  Relax that you can drop your burdens completely, drop everything you ever thought about yourself and about anyone else. No regrets for the past, nothing to achieve in the future, just living now. That’s the only requirement living now and that is because you left everything behind: you have no regrets of the past, you have no goals to achieve in the future so you can be completely present here and now.

Since we cannot come up with any questions after hearing this, I just picked some up out of the text some something to do in this class take another look things and so I’ll bring my little sheet with the questions. Just another instruction of Joel and I love this: do this.. There’s no other question just this one sentence it says: if necessary, let us sit in a chair all day and all night until the spirit of the Lord is upon us and dwells in us. That is happening in our awareness so use it until that is happening in your awareness, like the spirit of the Lord is upon you and dwells in you, that’s already taken care of, but you being aware of it is a different thing. If necessary let us sit in a chair all day and all night until the Spirit of the Lord is upon us and dwells in us. I thought it was a beautiful sentence. I don’t know what you read in the review but I would love to hear about that later on. I pick these questions out of it and this sentence, just another instruction. If you think you don’t have the confidence to abide Me, then sit and be still you’ll see it will work. Joel did this too in his awakening, he sat for eight months or so before he had his first experience. It was brought to him in that way. For you it is different and everyone has his own individual experience with it. When it starts you know, you feel suddenly something shift inside yourself. It’s like, Oh my God this this must be this light coming in to me suddenly I’m feeling connected or you’ll feel a relief like you’ve never experienced before. I experienced something that is so familiar to me it feels like I’m home, suddenly I feel like my heart melts into God, it feels so good. I’m so happy to be here even though it has nothing to do with a place, it’s a place in my mind where I’m very happy with. Basically you’re saying, no matter what, I want this,.., I want to abide in stillness I want to have full confidence in what is given me and it doesn’t matter what I have to do for that, what it takes to get there, I don’t care! Just relax, we’re not going anywhere we’re not doing anything, it’s just allowing that change to occur to us. Climatization or something, it’s like a spiritual climatization. Getting used to the different frequency, allowing the light to come into our system to come closer to us so it can completely take us and penetrate us.

end review 1/5