Do not have any will at all, but retire within as many times a day as you can. Find a minute to remember, “Nevertheless, Father, not my will, but Thine be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Relax and rest, and be a beholder of what God’s will is.

Joel S. Goldsmith, Beyond words and thoughts.

Todays class is all that is given connected to the Inner Experience. What is the heart and soul of the Mystical life? What is the prerequisite for taking steps to the goal of God-realization? What is the first principle of the Infinite Way? Can you reach God through your mind? Can you stop thinking? These are the questions that will arise and be answered during the class.

The chapter that we use, given to us freely by Acropolis Books is the following.

To read the chapter that we use download it here, Acropolis Books Website.

Beyond words and thoughts, Ch. 1 Towards the Experience, Joel S. Goldsmith.

The Class is presented in three ways. First the full version of the video of the class as presented on Youtube. Second, the meditation segment of this class as presented on YouTube. The last way is the full audio version as a podcast you can listen to and download for free. See just below the video’s.


The audio of the class is available as free downloadable gift. Please download or listen here.

Next week’s chapter is from the following book. Use it please to prepare for the last class in this series.

CH 11. The Relationship of Oneness, The art of Spiritual Healing, Joel S. Goldsmith. Download here

Freely given by Acropolis Books


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