You have come to that point in consciousness where you are seeking for what the world calls the intangible. When you came to a spiritual teaching, you knew in advance, or soon learned, that you were going to obtain nothing in the external realm. What you were seeking was the invisible, that which cannot be seen, heard, or known. And yet you were seeking to be able to see, hear, and know just that. Through that seeking, you are coming to know that which is unknowable, see that which is invisible, hear that which is inaudible. And on this nothing you now live. Joel S. Goldsmith in ch 13 Inner Vision, “Leave Your Nets”.

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Questions that are answered in this chapter and in the video are: Why pursue something that is not in the external? Where is my security and what is that? What does it mean to leave your nets? When are you ready to leave your nets?

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