Please believe me that the activity of God cannot be impeded. It cannot be hastened, it cannot be hurried, but it cannot be impeded. If anyone entrusted with the word, should, for any reason fail, the word wouldn’t fail. The message wouldn’t fail. It would keep right on moving and appearing as someone else, but the word would go right on.

Emerson tells us there is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come, and it’s true. The time for this revelation of the infinite nature of individual being is come. The time is here when it shall be revealed that we are self-complete in God. The time is here when every individual must know that they draw on the Christ for their good, they do not draw on each other. And because the time has come, and because human consciousness is ready to receive it, and because God is the author and the finisher of our works, be assured, that in this age this message will reach human consciousness.

If, at this moment, Joel seems to be the avenue or instrument through which it is reaching it—fine. That’s just one of those things. That’s all. If, for any reason, Joel took himself away from the scene, the message would go marching right on.

It might go marching right on in these books or through this teaching, but if not, another Joel would appear, or John or Bill or Mary. There is no way to damn up the activity of truth.

There is no way to damn up the activity of the Christ, nor is there any way to prevent the individual’s receiving it who is ready for it. None.

Your readiness for it is the production of it in your consciousness, and it just so happens that I’m here to voice it to you, but if I weren’t, some other way would be found for it to reach your consciousness, because the time has come in your evolving life when it had to appear, and here it is.

Now, in the same way, tomorrow is another day. And perhaps tomorrow there may be another message or there may be another mission for you. There may be another work, another activity. There is no power to prevent it coming to you.

The fact that you may be a prisoner in prison or a prisoner in a hospital or the fact that you may be so busy supporting your family or doing housework for a big family, do you think, for a moment, that that could prevent the activity of God reaching you?

No, God has a way to wipe all those things aside. God’s way would wipe aside every obstruction. Never believe that the activity of the Christ can be impaired, impeded, delayed, hindered. There’s a word in the Bible for that—let—who could let it, who could hinder it, who could prevent it—nothing, nothing.

And so, as you realize that God really is the author of your life, that God is the creative principle of your being, that God is your very wisdom and strength and health and wholeness and immortality, you’d know right now that nothing could prevent that abundance appearing in you.

Oh, probably for a day or two or a week or year you might brush it aside with “I’m too busy or I haven’t got time or the inclination,” but that is only while you are being readied inside.

When the moment has come, you would have no more opportunity for preventing it than the unborn child has of being born when it’s moment arrives to appear on the scene.

No, there are forces of nature which would throw it right out into expression if there weren’t a doctor around, forces of nature that would bring it forth into manifestation, and nothing could prevent it when its time has come. And so nothing can prevent the fruitage appearing in your life when its time has come.

And so, I bring you this word. There is no responsibility on your shoulder. You need have no concern as to whether you are doing what is right or what is necessary to bring this into expression, because you have nothing to do with bringing it into expression, and you have nothing to do with preventing Its coming into expression. The government is on Its shoulder. Let It have Its way with you.

Yes, because now it has been revealed to you from the depths of your being that there is an I there that has come that you might have life, and that you might have it more abundantly.

Now that you know that you can sit back and hear, I will never leave you nor forsake you… If you go through the waters you will not drown… If you go through the fire the flames will not kindle upon you for I Am with thee… I will never leave thee nor forsake thee… I Am with you until the end of the world.

And you’ll realize that there is an I deep down within your being and that the responsibility is on Its shoulder, and you’ll never again be concerned as to whether you are studying enough or having enough classes or meditating enough, because it takes over your life, and It will see that you do all the meditating that you should do; that you will do all of the studying that you must do; that you will perform all of those things in the outer that are necessary to your present and immediate experience.

The government is on Its shoulder, so in this moment, please, give up personal responsibility. Give up all sense of personal condemnation, criticism.

Just as you know now that any criticism, judgment, or condemnation of your neighbor is bearing witness to a lie, so you must know now that any sense of self-condemnation, self-criticism, self-judgment is but a catering to that personal sense of I that would trip you up if you listen to it.

But listen to that I that is deep within your own being, the I that is the Christ of your being, and be led of that Spirit. You’ll be surprised, one of these days, you’ll even see the hand reach up right through you, in you, as if to come out here into manifestation and place your glory in your experience and your activity into your hand from within you, not bring it to you from without.

You can actually witness the hand of God within you as It comes up in here and says, “Here is your good,” coming to you from within, not from without; coming to you from the kingdom of God, which is within you, not coming to you from man whose breath is in his nostril, not coming to you from a man who would give, or who would withhold, or who could give, or who could withhold. The hand of God does not withhold. The hand of God does not punish. The hand of God does not limit.

Therefore, be dependent on the hand of God, and the hand of God appears upward from within. It does not come from without, although as It comes up from within, it would seem to you that it’s being brought to you from without.

Just the same as this word of God—for which you have been preparing yourself for thousands of years—this word of God for which you are now, at this moment, ready, appears to you to be coming through my lips, but that’s only a picture in the outer.

Actually it is coming up to you from the very depths of your being, and as It comes It says to you: “Don’t you see. This is the truth prepared for you from the beginning of time. This is the feast, the bread, the wine, the water prepared for you from the beginning of time. Take and eat.


Now, as you look out on the world you are going to behold—and perhaps in greater degree soon than even than now—you’ll behold what will appear as distress in the world, and it may be on a small scale, may be on a large scale, may be very close to you at hand, may be far off, may be among your family or friends, neighbors, maybe across the seas.

But you will witness an appearance—the natural result of these last thirty, forty years of selfish living, warring, and all of the rest of the things you have seen, witnessed in the world—all of which takes a toll from those who believe in gain at another’s expense, a toll that is natural for those who live by the sword since they must die by the sword. As ye sow, so shall ye reap. In the human picture this is inevitable.

In the same wise, if you depend on your physical strength and you lift a hundred or a hundred and fifty pound weight, which is undoubtedly too much for any of us, there would be a physical breakdown from it, more than likely.

But if you were in the realization of the Godhead as your strength, as the Christ bearing your burden, and for any reason, you had to lift this hundred or hundred and fifty pounds, you would find that you could do it without inconvenience and without harm to yourself.

You would be doing it through your Christhood, not through your physical effort. And so, you would be then reaping spiritual strength, because you had sown spiritual truth.

In the same wise, if you understand God as the source of your supply, and realize that the Christ is forever pouring It forth to you, and you lose your sense of fear about it, your sense of responsibility, It flows naturally. You are now reaping your spiritual bread, wine, water, meat.

Ah, but on the other hand, the man who has accepted the material sense of life and believes that money is his supply, or labor, and then comes and finds that he has no money and has no labor, then comes lack and limitation. And, of course, you see he is merely reaping the material sense of supply that he has sown.

In the same way the man who accepts the belief that he can benefit at your expense, sooner or later, comes to the point where someone benefits at his expense. In other words he reaps what he has sown. Back in oriental teachings this is called karma, but in the Christian teaching it is called reaping as ye have sown. As ye sow, so shall ye reap.